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Launch day is finally here for BuckeyeHuddle.com! The site will go live at about 10:00 am on Wednesday, and feature some of the biggest names in Ohio State football recruiting coverage, team coverage, and scheme coverage.

  • Marc Givler and Alex Gleitman on recruiting
  • Tony Gerdeman, Kevin Noon, and Tom Orr covering the team
  • Ross Fulton, Devin Radcliffe, and Justin Whitlatch on Xs and Os

Learn more about the site, how it came together, and what you can expect when it launches on Wednesday.

You can listen to today’s episode on Spreaker by clicking here, or search “Buckeye Huddle” to find it on other podcast platforms.

It’s also available on YouTube, or you can watch it in the embedded player below. 

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Tom Orr

Writer, Photographer, Host of "Buckeye Weekly" and "Buckeyes TomOrrow Morning" podcasts


  1. Glad to be a part of a great community!!! Thank all the mods and contributors for being amazing!!! Nooner is the only one I have met right before my first Michigan Game. Hope I run across all of you and we make the community bigger!!
  2. You guys are the reason I signed up for the Scoop, Kevin specifically, and now are
    the reason I’m here. I think they fail and you succeed. Signed up today. Best of
    luck to all of you.

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