Kyle McCord, CJ Stroud Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterbacks

Fall Position Preview: Buckeye Quarterbacks More Than Just CJ Stroud

Quick Overview

Redshirt sophomore starter CJ Stroud returns to the Buckeyes after being a Heisman finalist as a redshirt freshman a year ago. Now he is a favorite for the award and expectations are immense. Sophomore Kyle McCord played in five games last year and got a start against Akron when Stroud was down with shoulder soreness. True freshman Devin Brown enrolled early and was the No. 1 player in the class per one recruiting service.

Returning Starters

One, though technically the Buckeyes return both quarterbacks who started games last year.

Returning Statistics Depth Chart/Recruiting Ranking

7 CJ Stroud, rSoph…

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