Ohio State commit Arvell Reese

A Strong Start And A Big Visit On Radar for Arvell Reese

POWELL, Ohio – Cleveland Glenville high school came into Central Ohio on Friday night to take on Olentangy Liberty high school and despite making it look so easy in the first half, the Tarblooders had to gut this game out until the final 64 seconds when an interception stopped the home team in its tracks and preserved a 20-14 win.

One of the key players in the game was Ohio State commit Arvell Reese. The linebacker made several big plays along the way at his linebacker position but even with that it was a sloppy game for Glenville with a multitude of penalty flags along the way keeping Liberty in the game.

We had a chance to catch up with Reese after the game to talk about his efforts. As a senior leader on the team, he knows that his voice carries a lot of weight and during those difficult times during the game that his teammates are looking to him for leadership.

“I am just helping the team stay together and don’t give up and get everybody to keep your head high,” Reese said.

Reese will be making the trip down Interstate 71 in a week to visit Ohio State for the upcoming Notre Dame game in an outing that promises to be a huge recruiting spectacle for the Buckeyes.

“It is going to be live; I can’t wait. It is going to be a packed crowd, I can’t wait to get there,” Reese said.

If he has been given marching orders by the coaches on who to talk to, he was not tipping his hand as he admitted he was not really sure who was supposed to be there. One player that he will be working on however is his teammate, junior corner Bryce West who remains uncommitted as a member of the class of 2024.

Reese admitted that he has been in his ear but that West needs to come to his own decision, much like Reese did for himself.

Where do the Buckeyes see Reese lining up when he finally gets to Columbus?

“(They see me) as an inside linebacker, like a WILL type linebacker. Basically, like what I play here,” Reese said.

For now, Reese is just focusing on his senior season now that he has recruiting out of the way and reaffirmed that he is done with his recruitment and full locked in with the Buckeyes.

He talks frequently to his position coach and current Ohio State defensive coordinator Jim Knowles. What are those conversations like?

“I talk to him like every two days,” Reese said. “Just catching up, he talked to my mom and dad. He talks to my dad like almost every day. Just catching up and building a relationship. I just like Coach Knowles.”

Find out more from this postgame interview after the big win as we caught Reese shortly before the team got on the bus to make the two-hour drive back to Cleveland.

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