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Huddle Members Sound Off: What I Know & Hope For

Earlier this week I asked the members of Buckeye Huddle a pretty simple two-part question that was sure to get a wide spread of answers in advance of the upcoming football season.

It came down to giving us one thing that they know will happen in the 2022 season and then something that they are hoping for in the 2022 season.

Outside of that, there were no parameters. It could have really been about any team or league when it came to college football. Now, with this being an Ohio State website, we figured the lion’s share of the replies would be about Ohio State, and we were not proven wrong.

For those of you who are not members (yet) here at Buckeye Huddle or just for those of you who are and want to see a neat version of some of the top answers, we are providing you a smaller sample of some of our favorite answers to each part of this two-part question.

Something that you know (about the 2022 season)?

“Ohio State will bounce back to win the B1G”

“This offense has the potential to be the best CFB offense ever”

“We are thin at CB and RB”

“This defense has to be better; they can’t get any worse”

“I’m sure we will beat (Michigan)”

“I’m about to start spending Saturdays watching football”

Something that you hope for (in the 2022 season)?

“I am hoping we go back to 2019 kind of running where they knew we were going to run the ball and still couldn’t stop us”

“Stroud uses the run a bit more when he is under pressure. Not saying he should be Braxton reincarnate, just a bit more to keep the D honest”

“Our defense can stop the run. We have a run heavy schedule: Notre Dame, Wisky, Iowa, PSU, and Michigan”

“I hope the press box food at OSU has improved”

“Another B1G team makes a run/resume to be borderline playoff eligible. IE: 1-loss Michigan, PSU, MSU”

“I hope that Tre’Veyon and Miyan are a great one two punch behind a more physical and nastier O-line”

“I hope we see Emeka house one on a kick return”

“I hope (Ryan) Day “hangs 100” on (Michigan)”

We weren’t able to use every answer but thanks to everyone who participated in this piece. This is something that we are hoping to do more often, ask a couple of questions to our great membership and let them author a piece with their years of insight watching and rooting for the Buckeyes.

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