Ohio State vs. Notre Dame Preview With Ross Fulton

With the Ohio State vs. Notre Dame game now just a day away, it’s the perfect time for BuckeyeHuddle.com Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton to weigh in with his thoughts on the game.

  • How confident is he that the Buckeye defense will be very good or even great against the Irish?
  • Does Notre Dame’s offensive personnel and scheme present a good or bad matchup for the Buckeyes?
  • What can the Ohio State offense expect schematically from the Notre Dame defense now that Marcus Freeman is in charge of the whole program?
  • What one stat would tell him the most about how the game will go?

You can listen to today’s episode on Spreaker by clicking here, or search “Buckeye Huddle” to find it on other podcast platforms.

It’s also available on YouTube, or you can watch it in the embedded player below. 

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Tom Orr

Writer, Photographer, Host of "Buckeye Weekly" and "Buckeyes TomOrrow Morning" podcasts