Arkansas State head coach Butch Jones

Tale Of The Tape: Arkansas State

One game is in the books and now the Buckeyes take on much more of a traditional non-conference opponent with Arkansas State coming to town, a Sun Belt team looking for a paycheck while the Buckeyes look to secure a big win and move closer to Big Ten play.

Arkansas State was very successful in its first game of the season, handing Grambling a 58-3 loss in a game where most things went right for the Red Wolves. But how much can you get out of a game like that? Maybe about as much as Ohio State will get out…

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  1. Great write-up Kevin. Thanks!!!
    Absolutely. This week is just a rough one for a lot of reasons because of the opponent. Toledo is a team that I have watched play, have friends who work for the Toledo Blade, it will be a better week IMHO.
  2. I watched a lot of Blackman at FSU a honest to goodness bad bad QB tall not accurate and once he gets hit takes a dive like Sonny Liston.
    This game should over by half time.
    I don't think anyone is really concerned with the outcome but just how it may happen. I see a pretty big rout here as well.

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