The 9 Most Interesting Things We Learned Talking To The Buckeyes

It was a very busy Wednesday night inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center as nine Ohio State players met with the media to discuss the season so far, preview the upcoming game against Toledo, and much more.

Tony Gerdeman of BuckeyeHuddle.com joins host Tom Orr to discuss the most interesting things they learned from the players. Topics included:

  • How this night game will prepare them for later in the season
  • A defensive lineman asks a leading question to a tight end
  • How Gee Scott completely changed an opponent’s defense
  • What Donovan Jackson is trying to learn from Paris Johnson
  • The moment in week one that was a dream come true for Tanner McCalister
  • How different it is to play at Ohio State compared to Oklahoma State
  • What Lathan Ransom did to make the most of his time post-injury
  • How does Jack Sawyer like his new role on the defense
  • Does it mean anything that Caden Curry was brought out for interviews
  • And much more

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Posted by
Tom Orr

Writer, Photographer, Host of "Buckeye Weekly" and "Buckeyes TomOrrow Morning" podcasts


  1. Hope at some point these are transcribed so we can read them. We old retired people don’t commute and we have little time to sit and listen!!!🤣
    Exactly. I hate podcasts. The just seem lazy.

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