Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach

Ryan Day Reacts Following 49-10 Win Over Rutgers

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following Ohio State’s 49-10 win over Rutgers on Saturday. It wasn’t easy for the Buckeyes, but they proved to be too much for the Scarlet Knights on offense, defense, and special teams.

Ryan Day

  • He appreciates the fans showing up and all of the people involved in making a game like this happen. Ticketing, operations, maintenance, audio, video, etc.
  • He figured the first question would be about the fake punt. It was not anything they had worked on, but Jesse Mirco saw the open window and took off. That was then one coach defending his team against another coach defending his team. No hard feelings. They talked after the game.
  • Rutgers had a very good offensive game plan coming in to shorten the game, same with the defense going with two high safeties to force CJ Stroud to take the short stuff. They came out and went downfield to start the third quarter and it didn’t work. “Overall, I thought it was a job well done.”
  • TreVeyon Henderson wasn’t expected to miss the game. He struggled in warmups. Lingering a bit from last week. “We were kind of surprised that he wasn’t able to make it.”
  • Miyan Williams ran well in the red zone. Red zone numbers overall are really good. Everybody is involved with the running game. Miyan finished a bunch of runs today and kept the offense on schedule. It was tough inside the red zone.
  • Tommy Eichenberg and Steele Chambers are playing faster and diagnosing players faster. It’s two-fold. They are a year older and can adjust better than they could a year ago. Also, they feel good in this scheme and have a good relationship with Jim Knowles.
  • No update on Tanner McCalister. They’ll know more tomorrow. They’ll know more on Cam Brown tomorrow as well. They hope to get a week of practice out of them.
  • The defensive line won the line of scrimmage. It was getting moved back a bunch. They were disruptive and had a good edge. Gotta keep building, but you’re seeing a rhythm.
  • He grabbed Jesse Mirco after the fake punt and asked what he saw and did anybody tell him to do that. Mirco said nobody told him to do it but he saw a wide open area so he took it. Day told him “Okay, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”
  • It’s hard to get style points when you play this style of a team, and this team is okay with that. Winning is the most important thing. “We have to win different way.”
  • How do you stop the Ohio State offense? Just depends. Whatever the weakness of the defense is, the OSU offense will go after it. “That’s why the balance is so important.”
  • He thinks Greg Schiano came over to the OSU sideline just to get his player out of there. Asked to discuss what was said and whether that was new for him, Day laughed and said he wasn’t going to bite on that. “Next question.”
  • Zach Harrison is playing at a high level. Possibly his best football right now.
  • “You win, you move on.” Doesn’t matter how. If a team wants to take something away, then you have to be able to do something else. Unselfishness starts with the quarterback and understanding how to win the game.

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