Big Me Kickoff

Big Stage, Big Ten, Big Deal?

It’s the Big Me Kickoff and we are back to get you ready for another weekend of football. The Big Ten schedule this week is not the best with Rutgers and Nebraska set to kick things off on Friday night and the schedule really does not get much better than that moving forward.

We run through the list of who is set to play this weekend and while some of the lines are close, will the nation be tuning in?

Ohio State obviously is on the road this week after playing five games at home to open the season. This ain’t your big brother’s Sparty team however as Michigan State enters this game reeling from a three-game losing streak and looking seemingly lost on both sides of the ball.

People are focused on a six-game stretch between these two teams, but we will tell you why that is the outlier in terms of this series.

All of that and more in this edition of the Big Me Kickoff. Don’t miss out.

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