Is The Ohio State Defense Still Ahead Of Schedule?

With 75 percent of the Buckeyes’ regular season schedule already in the rear-view mirror and another game on deck Saturday, where do things stand with the Ohio State defense?

On today’s show, you’ll get the answer to that and a lot of other questions directly from Ohio State defensive coordinator Jim Knowles.

Knowles met with the media this week to discuss topics including:

  • How he would grade the Ohio State pass rush
  • Whether he had concerns about the defensive line rotation
  • Why Jyaire Brown played ahead of Jordan Hancock at Northwestern
  • What Ohio State needs to do to ensure their defense is ready for Michigan
  • And much more

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It’s also available on YouTube, or you can watch it in the embedded player below. 

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Tom Orr

Writer, Photographer, Host of "Buckeye Weekly" and "Buckeyes TomOrrow Morning" podcasts

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  1. I like where the defense is. The secondary seems to be much more solid. Of course according to the trolls in other Forums, the scUM defense is perfect and the Buckeyes are in for another defeat. With all the negatives it does have an effect. It makes one wonder if our specticals haven't become to deeply rose colored. I do get uneasy with our play calling. That said, when I draw comparrisons to scUM , it looks like Corum is their highlight reel and he is excellent. Since our RB's are all damaged or very inexperianced I expect our offense to be highly airborn, with occassional running plays up the gut for little gain. I hope we get more creative and find the scum weakness (if they have any). All that said, my research still favors a Buckeye victory. In Day I trust, especialy since Knowels is here.

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