Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach

Ryan Day Speaks About Ohio State Win, Running Game, Kam Babb’s Return Following 56-14 Win Over Indiana

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following Ohio State’s 56-14 win over Indiana on Saturday. The Buckeyes put together nearly 700 yards of total offense and limited Indiana to just 269 yards of their own. Day spoke about the domination, Kamryn Babb’s first career catch, some injury issues, and much, much more. The highlights of everything he had to say can be found below.

  • He doesn’t think the RB injuries are long-lasting and he thinks they are things they can overcome. They’ll see how Miyan Williams feels overnight. TreVeyon Henderson should be back next week.
  • Kam Babb has overcome four ACL surgeries. That’s nine months of recovery four times. He has never batted an eye about returning and continuing this journey. “What happened today in this stadium is magical.” That’s why you coach. Hopefully somebody sees that moment and gets the motivation to continue on. It was something special. “Selfishly, proud to be part of a moment like that.” Can’t say enough about it. There will be great wins and great accomplishments at Ohio State, but people may not see what he’s been through and his accomplishment is special.
  • The moment was right to get Kam Babb the ball. They would’ve taken the starters out if there wasn’t a muffed punt. Then they got a first down with Marv, then Brian Hartline said let’s get Kamryn Babb in the game. Then they got to the 8-yard line and CJ Stroud asked Day about getting Babb a touchdown and Day said go for it.
  • How confident is Day in Dallan Hayden? Hayden and Xavier Johnson showed that they can do a good job. It’s remarkable that they have that many guys who are capable. It’s frustrating that they’ve had those injuries but it’s good that the depth has shown up.
  • This one felt more like a normal game, other than some short-yardage issues where he wanted to bang his head against the wall. Great to block a punt.
  • He’s probably being stubborn with his short-yardage calls. But he still wants them to be able to move the line of scrimmage.
  • Dawand Jones and Denzel Burke should be back next week.
  • Xavier Johnson got some help with the 71-yard run with receivers blocking downfield. You can see what a weapon he is. “Happy for him. He’s very unselfish.”
  • CJ Stroud is the leader of the offense. No question about it. There was an edge to him in practice. He threw some nice balls today. “Overall, I thought he was really on point today.”
  • Lathan Ransom was all over the place. He did a nice job with Parker Fleming on the adjustment to get that blocked punt. They talked about it on the sideline and put it on the field. Ransom can do things like that.
  • They were hoping to be able to play Dawand Jones today. He was close. It was a tough call. But they were comfortable with Josh Fryar and he had a good week of practice. Probably not perfect but played well.
  • Not sure about Emeka Egbuka’s injury but they try to be careful late in games.
  • Xavier Johnson doesn’t get much work at running back in practice. But Johnson and Tony Alford meet extra during the week.
  • Cam Brown kept playing and competing. Good to see him out there. You notice his competitiveness. He has great instincts.
  • Having so many ceremonies for the military today really puts football in perspective because this isn’t as important as that.

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