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Buckeyes Remain No. 2 In Latest College Football Playoff Poll, Committee Liking SEC More And More?

The third edition of the College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night and there were no changes in the top five from last week.

Georgia is again No. 1, followed by Ohio State at No. 2. Michigan is still No. 3, followed by undefeated TCU at No. 4 and Tennessee at No. 5.

Two-loss LSU moves up to No. 6 following last weekend’s loss of No. 6 Oregon to Washington.

Here are the current rankings. Below the rankings, you will find highlights from Tuesday night’s teleconference with CFP chair Boo Corrigan.

College Football Playoff Rankings

2Ohio State10-0
11Penn State8-23
13North Carolina9-12
14Ole Miss8-23
15Kansas State7-34
18Notre Dame7-32
19Florida State7-34
22Oklahoma State7-3NR
23Oregon State7-3NR
24NC State7-38

Boo Corrigan Updates

  • How does the committee view OSU vs. UM right now? “Two well-balanced teams, both in the top 10 offensively and defensively.” Ohio State has the win over Notre Dame, which stands out for the committee. Two good teams that play hard who had good wins this weekend. “There’s a reason one’s two and one’s three.”
  • How close are OSU and UM to Georgia? “The committee believes there’s been separation with Georgia.”
  • What is the OSU – Georgia separation based on? When they look at it, they see the wins over Tennessee and Oregon, the top 10 defense, the win this weekend at Mississippi State. “In the eyes of the committee, that’s a separator for us.” Georgia’s balance offensively and defensively is a separator as well.
  • Any discussion about giving TCU a bump over Michigan this week? They looked at all four teams at the top. Everybody was impressed with TCU’s defense against Texas. But each time they went through the process, they came up with the same four teams in the same order.
  • Is it simple to say that Michigan’s non-conference schedule is the differentiator between them and OSU? “We don’t believe there’s anything simple about it.” That being said, “the strength of schedule is different.” But they look at many different factors.
  • Why do you like Michigan? Win over Penn State. Top 10 defense. Giving up just over 11 points per game. Blake Corum has been great. “They’re a solid No. 3 team.”
  • Are they looking at OSU’s injuries? When they evaluate the games and the teams, they don’t project, but during the game they have the information about who is missing.
  • Reddit asks about UCF being ranked below Florida State. Florida State has the win over LSU. Florida State beat Louisville and UCF lost to Louisville.

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