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Will The Utes Or Wildcats Deliver For Buckeyes?

It is going to be a tough weekend for Ohio State football fans as the Buckeyes are sitting home idle after a difficult loss to the rival from up north and now any chance at the College Football Playoff rests in the hands of teams like Kansas State and Utah.

A loss by either USC or TCU could/should open the door for Ohio State to march back into the field of four and a shot at a national championship, something that surely would soothe a lot of raw nerves after the loss in The Game.

But do either Utah or Kansas State have legitimate shots at helping the Buckeyes out in these instances? Both games are sitting at/around a three-point line and a look back in history will show that Utah already handed USC a loss and Kansas State was well on its way to handing TCU a loss.

We are reaching out here on the Big Me Kickoff to some friends around the industry to talk to experts who cover each of the underdogs and are inviting them on to tell us why Ohio State fans should not abandon all hope of making the playoff.

We are joined by Alex Markham of in the network as well as Derek Young of in the On3 network to get the latest on each of their teams, what to expect in these games and hopefully some good news for the Buckeyes.

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