Brandon Inniss Ohio State Buckeyes Receiver

What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder – Buckeyes’ 2023 Offensive Class Edition

I know that when I watch Brandon Inniss, I see a dynamic special teams player. It’s too bad the return game is no longer a thing.

I think he’s going to be fantastic in the screen game, but I don’t think he needs it to be forced to him like it was Jaxon Smith-Njigba as a true freshman. JSN had 10 catches for 49 yards as a freshman. Inniss is an explosive route runner, so let him break people downfield.

I wonder how fast Noah Rogers is. I know he’s faster than everybody he plays against. He’s not Jameson Williams, but he can move.

I know Noah Rogers will be a solid deep threat, but not just because of his speed. He is a tremendous 50/50 catcher. If the Buckeyes ever go back to throwing 50/50 balls, he’ll be a guy that will get targeted. It’s also hard to imagine a smoother receiver in the class this year.

I think Carnell Tate will obviously be an outside guy, but he plays like he’s very comfortable in the slot. Not unlike Marvin Harrison or Michael Thomas. He’s a physical receiver who doesn’t mind a crowd. Tate is also a willing blocker. He put so many players in detention against Bishop Sycamore last year that they named him the new principal. Fortunately, the job didn’t require him to be onsite or spend any time actually tending to school matters.

I wonder who is the Emeka and who is the Marvin of this class.

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