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What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — The Need For Patience Edition

I know that I am leaning more and more towards Ryan Day giving up play calling this year. It is clear that he wants to be more available and aware of everything else going on during the game.

I think this past season opened Ryan Day’s eyes in terms of play calling. Not that he wasn’t as good as ever, but that he needs to be great everywhere else too, and he hasn’t been.

I wonder how much of the 2023 college football season is going to feel like a lame-duck season. It will be the last year before conference realignment and the last year of a four-team playoff. Will CFB fans be able to focus on the task at hand, or will everybody be wishing the season away as they long for the 2024 season?

I know it’s hilarious that Texas A&M’s solution to fixing their problems is to throw money at it. Their 12th Man Foundation booster club is now going to get into the NIL game. It’s amazing to me that these people haven’t learned their lesson yet. They have to be regretting the Jimbo Fisher contract. They have to be regretting last year’s debacle of a recruiting cycle. So what’s their solution to calming everything down and getting back to their semi-winning ways? “Let’s throw more money at it.”

I think the idea that a championship team is going to be bought through NIL ignores the fact that so much more goes into a championship than simply buying talent. If Georgia kept buying quarterbacks so that they wouldn’t have to play Stetson Bennett, would they have won back-to-back titles? The simple fact that Georgia was able to do it with Bennett is further proof that it takes more than buying talent for a team to come together.

I wonder if Texas A&M will ever figure out that you can’t buy intangibles. And buying 18-year old tangibles isn’t exactly wise investing in any field.

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What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — The Need For Patience Edition

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