4 New Rules That Could Change College Football

College football leaders are discussing a number of different solutions to potentially shorten the length of games.

Is reducing the number of commercial breaks among them? (SPOILER ALERT: NO!)

So what are they proposing? Tony Gerdeman of BuckeyeHuddle.com joins host Tom Orr to talk about four suggested tweaks, and how much they might impact the product on the field.

  • Could they ban back-to-back timeouts to “ice” the kicker?
  • What about eliminating untimed downs at the end of the first and third quarters?
  • Are they about to eliminate clock stoppages on most first downs?
  • Or are they even going to restart the clock following incomplete passes?

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Tom Orr

Writer, Photographer, Host of "Buckeye Weekly" and "Buckeyes TomOrrow Morning" podcasts

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  1. I think a big impact a rule change to run the clock after first downs will be for teams trying to make a comeback it may take away the middle of the field. Most college quarterbacks can’t throw accurate deep out routes. Corners will sit on short outs and give the middle of the field.

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