Cam Brown

Cam Brown Is Healthy And Ready To Impress

INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL Scouting Combine rolls on to its second day of media interviews and finishes up defensive players with corners and safeties.

There was a time not too long ago that it was a sure bet that a member of the Ohio State secondary would be going in the first round of the yearly NFL Draft, but those fortunes have dried up as of late. Ohio State has not had a first-rounder selected since the 2020 draft and since then only one member of the Ohio State secondary has been drafted at all over the past two drafts (Shaun Wade – Pick 160 to Baltimore – 2021).

Cam Brown is not going to be a first-round pick more than likely, but he certainly will have his name called during the three-day NFL Draft ceremony.

“I’m not really trying to prove nothing much,” Brown said during his media availability. “I’m just really trying to go out there and just give it my all. Just go out there and compete and show them so they can see it more in person than just on film.”

Though, Brown does have some lofty goals when it comes to running the 40-yard-dash. He is hoping to be in the 4.2 second range and to back up his claim of being the fastest defensive back in college football. Kalon Barnes put up a 4.23 in the 2022 event.

Over the past couple of seasons the Ohio State secondary has been much maligned with the corner and safety positions in a constant state of flux. With that being said, for five-year players like Brown, there were more than a couple of position coaches along the way and several changes in terms of defensive scheme and while nobody is going to use that as an excuse, it is a reality as Ohio State continues to regain its footing as one of the nation’s premiere defenses.

“That defense, when you first learn it, it’s very hard, it’s very challenging,” Brown said. “And once you get the hang of it, everything gets rolling. And it’s going to be an exciting defense.”

Brown only had two seasons where he played in double-digit games, 14 games in 2019 and 11 games in 2021. The other three seasons saw a combined total of 12 games played.

Have NFL teams questioned durability when it comes to Brown as each team has to put a lot into the decision to select any player?

“I mean, physically, I feel amazing,” Brown said. “I feel like I can just go out there and show so that they can see it in person. I mean, they’ve already seen it some at the Shrine Bowl. But now I get to do it in front of the GMs and head coaches and position players.”

Brown is not at the combine alone as fellow Ohio State defensive back Ronnie Hickman is going through the same process.

The two players are roommates for the event and while it is unlikely that the same team will draft the two players, the camaraderie built at Ohio State will last forever.

“It’s made me more comfortable,” Brown said. “I mean, Ronnie, that’s my guy. I’ve been with him since he first got to Ohio State. We’ve been so close, it made me more comfortable being here, just being with him.”

Find out more from Brown during his NFL Combine media availability below.

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