Isaac Sowells Jr.

Isaac Sowells Jr. Put On A Show In Georgia

CARROLLTON, Ga. – Sometimes when you go to a camp you look for certain players and another one jumps off the page and shines. That happened at the recent Atlanta-area Under Armour camp where Isaac Sowells Jr. earned himself MVP honors on the offensive line and was a brick wall for opposing defensive tackles.

Sowells is solid at 6-foot-2, 285-pounds and is only a class of 2025. That means he was competing against many athletes that were a year older than him and they couldn’t solve Sowells as he won rep after rep in a drill that generally is tilted towards defensive linemen.

What makes things even more impressive is that Sowells is not a camp veteran, this was one of his first camps and certainly the deepest camp that he had taken part in.

“It was great for being my fourth camp,” Sowells said. “I haven’t started going to camps until this year, so it was a big jump going from the smaller camps to going against guys, four-stars, five stars. Best kid in my class is here. Just seeing new things and people who are doing the same stuff I’m trying to do, it’s great to see.”

Sowells hails from Louisville (Ky.) and honestly could have either gone to this camp or the Under Armour camp slated to take place in Columbus on May 7th. It is no disrespect to the state of Ohio to say that the Georgia camp was going to be deeper and the Louisville Male high school star picked this camp for that reason and another reason that makes a lot of sense.

“I wanted to show that the North is tough too,” Sowells said. “Good people come from Kentucky too. The Columbus camp was in May, and I’ve already been going to camps, so I thought since it was closer and since I’m already been going to camps (to just go).”

Ohio State is aware of Sowells but look for conversations to increase with the talented ’25 prospect set to participate in one of Ohio State’s team camps coming up later this year.

Plus, there is a direct connection between the Sowells family and an Ohio State coach.

“Coach (Justin) Frye played with my dad, so it is going to be nice to get to meet him for the first time,” Sowells said. “My dad speaks very highly of coach Frye, that is going to be nice to see.”

If the name of Isaac Sowells sounds familiar, you would be right as Isaac Sowells Sr. played in 17 NFL games after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 4th round. Senior and Frye were teammates at Indiana.

Find out more about Isaac Sowells Jr. in this exclusive video from the UA camp and be sure to keep track of this player as he is about to blow up on the recruiting trail.

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