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Double Boom: Deontae Armstrong And Devontae Armstrong Commit To Ohio State

Ohio State held a big visitor weekend over the past few days and the list featured top prospects from coast to coast. But some of the biggest priority recruits in attendance were from inside state borders, including Lakewood St. Edward offensive linemen and twin brothers Deontae and Devontae Armstrong.

The original plan for the Armstrong twins was to wait until after official visits in June to make a decision. But the duo decided to end their recruitments after a strong visit on Saturday.

Buckeye Huddle caught up with both Deontae and Devontae to learn more about their commitments to the Buckeyes, which made them the fifth and sixth pledges in this class.

Deontae Armstrong: “OSU was the pick for me because it feels like family every time I walk through the door. I know the whole coaching staff and I’ve met Coach Frye’s family, and my parents love it there. The coaches plan to use me at tackle but I know being versatile only helps, so I believe knowing and being prepared for anything only helps. The highlight of the visit this weekend was coming into the coaches office with my parents, brother and trainer and committing to Ryan Day and OSU and seeing how happy he was and Coach Frye running into Coach Day’s office to hug us. It was a special moment that I’ll always remember.”

Devontae Armstrong: “Heading into this visit, we had, in total, been to Ohio State four to five other times, so the coaching staff really made it clear to us that anything that our family and I wanted to see wether it be academics or football, that they would provide those things for us to see on this visit. Each time we visited Ohio State they were consistent in welcoming us and getting all of our questions answered. I would say the highlights of this weekend were being able to be in the film room, just getting to see how Coach Frye and the staff interacted with the players and the intensity that Coach Frye and Coach Sollenne have through practice that they really bring out the best in a player, which is something that both me and my brother wanted to be apart of. My favorite moment of that day, and the whole recruiting process, was at the end of the visit in Coach Day’s office after practice my brother and I told him we have seen enough and that we’d like to commit to Ohio State today. He jumped up with a big smile and hugged us and ran to get Coach Frye. It was just an overall surreal experience. Coach Frye really likes my athleticism and where my body is at right now, he sees me as more of an interior player but he likes that I could be able to play both inside at guard, and outside as a tackle.”

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