Davison Igbinosun

What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — Two Weeks Into Spring Edition

I know that when I saw Kyle McCord keep it on third down inside the 5-yard line and score the winning touchdown on Saturday and then fling the ball into the rafters before being mobbed by his teammates on offense, I sure thought I was watching a guy who had the backing of his squad.

I think given everything that Sonny Styles can do athletically and physically, they need to explore every avenue, but you also can’t ask him to do so much that his growth is stunted, a la Jack Sawyer last year. Jim Knowles and Tim Walton need to find the most effective ways to use his versatility and then focus on that.

I wonder how realistic legitimate playing time will be for Kaleb Brown. He’s the No. 3 slot receiver, currently battling with Bryson Rodgers to stay there it seems. But he has Emeka Egbuka and Xavier Johnson ahead of him. Those two can play any of the other receiver positions, but it will be up to Brown to prove they need to make exceptions for him.

I know that I was very impressed by Kyle McCord’s mobility and accuracy on the move. He threw a very nice ball downfield. Both quarterbacks had some difficulty in the red zone though. I believe they were successful on just one of their 14 or 15 throws. (Devin Brown to Kaleb Brown.)

I think it may not be long before Davison Igbinosun is consistently running with the ones. I just went through all of my notes from Saturday to see how many times I wrote his number down during 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s, and it’s not a lot because he must not have been getting thrown at when he was in there. (Denzel Burke was very good, by the way.)

I wonder if keeping Lathan Ransom at strong safety forces their hand a bit at finding other things for Sonny Styles to do. They both play strong safety/Bandit/boundary safety, but I don’t expect Sonny to just be a second-team guy who plays in the fourth quarter of blowouts.

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