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What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — Spring Wrap-Up Edition

I know that every time I asked a Buckeye defender what it’s like to finally be in the same defense two years in a row, I could see the weight being lifted off of their shoulders as they answered. The weight is removed, the smile appears, and then comes the discussion about how things are night and day from a year ago. Last year, they understood the language, but this year they can speak it.

I think CJ Hicks showed that good things happen when he’s on the field. Every time I’ve seen him this spring he was getting into the backfield. He almost has a “killer crossover” type of ability when attacking the line of scrimmage. His quickness is elite.

I wonder what the starting five looks like if the Buckeyes can’t land anybody in the portal. And right now, there don’t appear to be any starters available. Does Donovan Jackson finally make the move to tackle? Does that push Josh Fryar to right tackle? And while all of this consternation about the tackles is going on, did everybody forget that right now the Buckeyes are in line to start a redshirt freshman at center? That should be a concern as well, even though Carson Hinzman didn’t really look overwhelmed at all during the spring.

I know the hype for Carnell Tate is getting out of hand right now. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means it can no longer be contained.

I think even if Denzel Burke and Jordan Hancock end up as your top two cornerbacks this season, there’s still going to be plenty of snaps for Davison Igbinosun.

I wonder what Buckeye fans who don’t really pay attention to recruiting thought when they saw Noah Rogers’ touchdown catch and run on Saturday. Blessed are those who don’t pay attention to recruiting and get surprised every year by new talented players. “That guy’s a freshman?” [Insert five minutes of cackling.]

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