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Buckeye Weekly: Buckeyes Suffer Surprising Loss To Transfer Portal

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the surprising departure of redshirt freshman receiver Kaleb Brown to the transfer portal. Why now for Brown? The fellas discuss the what this means for the Buckeyes and how they will handle the departure in the near future and down the road.


Intro to this episode. 0:01
– Welcome to the Buckeye Weekly Podcast.
– Kaleb Brown is hitting the transfer portal.

How do you get on the field as the third slot? 1:23
– Too much depth to remain patient?

Transitioning to the NFL. 2:56
– Xavier Johnson coming back may have expedited the decision.
– The decision-making that goes into transferring.

The impact of the 2023 class. 4:40
– The impact on the 2022 class.
– The impact the 2023 class had on recruiting.

Path to the playing field. 5:54
– Finding a role for Kaleb Brown.
– The path Kaleb Brown is on right now.
– Kaleb Brown is a talented player.

Where will Kaleb Brown end up? 8:35
– Michigan loses Ronnie Bell to NFL and slot receiver AJ Henning.
– USC loves to bring in transfers.

Replacing the loss of Kaleb Brown. 10:12
– Who steps up in Kaleb Brown’s absence?
– Three running backs in the 2024 class.

Ohio State needs a big running back class. 13:10
– Tony Alford can still identify and recruit.

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