Jerome Bettis Jr.

Could The Buckeyes Shock And Land A Bus Of Their Own?

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. – If you want to feel old then look no further as Jerome Bettis has a son who is becoming a major national recruit.

Jerome Bettis Jr. is a class of 2025 wide receiver at Woodward Academy in suburban Atlanta and while he may not have the same build as his famous father, it has not slowed schools down in their pursuit of the talented pass catcher.

The offers are starting to really pick up for Bettis Jr. with Notre Dame, his father’s alma mater, already on board. The Buckeyes have not made a move yet but that doesn’t mean that Ohio State is not aware or is not going to offer.

And if the Buckeyes did offer, that is something that the younger Bettis would be very interested in.

“I was at the Ohio State versus Notre Dame game last year,” Bettis Jr. said. “Before the game even started my dad told me to watch Marvin Harrison, so I had my on him through warmups and then all the way through the game. So, I saw the way he played the game and the level that he was at.”

Getting a player on campus is a big step in recruiting them and Ohio State has been able to check that box off, more than once. Bettis Jr. took in some of Ohio State’s recent spring practice as well, an additional trip to Columbus.

“It was great, we got to see spring practice, which was amazing,” Bettis Jr. said. “The intensity level down there was one of the main things that stood out to me. It was amazing to see them go at it at the college level. I had a great time down there.”

Family ties are sometimes difficult to break when a famous father played at a school and is coming after the son. But Bettis Jr. insists that his father is not going to try and sway this in one direction or another and allow his son to come to his own decision.

“Something that he has really preached is that it is not about him anymore,” Bettis Jr. said. “It is about what is the best fit for me. He is definitely making sure I consider all of my options and I look at everything.”

What else did Bettis Jr. have to say about the process and the Buckeyes? You won’t know unless you click on the video below and check out the latest from our current Southern Swing that will take us through some football powerhouses over the next two weeks, you don’t want to miss out.

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