Deuce Geralds

Deuce Geralds Plays Well Beyond His Years

SUWANEE, Ga. – It is true, high school football players today look very little like the ones that played in your youth. Unless you happen to be 14-17 years old right now.

A perfect example is class of 2026 (yes, a rising sophomore) defensive lineman/linebacker Deuce Geralds.

Schools like Ohio State took notice of Geralds when he was still in junior high school but the offers are coming in now and Geralds will be a player to watch for the coming years, even if no college will be able to sign him for close to 1,000 days from now.

It was not all that long ago that football offers were reserved for rising seniors and players who were in their senior year. Those days are a forgotten memory these days.

Geralds has already developed a strong bond with Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson an while Geralds has to call coaches rather than the other way around due to NCAA contact rules, he has taken matters into his own hands and made a couple of visits to Ohio State already.

“Coach Johnson told me that since I did not have any film (before I played high school football) that he could not offer me,” Geralds recalled. But after my freshman season, and he saw how it went, he said he was sure I would be back in his office and we would have that talk about the offer. And in April, that’s exactly what happened.”

Geralds already has seen what Ohio State has produced under Larry Johnson including Chase Young and the Bosa brothers. Geralds knew that Ohio State reporters were coming to town and wore Ohio State gloves to mark the occasion.

Geralds is picking up more steam on the national trail and while there are plenty of schools that he would like to hear from, he is not going to press the issue, he figures that it will happen or it won’t.

The talented 2026 star turned on the Ohio State versus Penn State game from 2022 as the game was going on and saw what J.T. Tuimoloau was able to accomplish in that game, maybe another sign of things to come?

There is a ways to go in this one, so don’t expect things to suddenly move quickly with several years of high school football left to play. But this will be a player everyone will want to watch, regardless of what the college decision is as Geralds should be in contention for five-stars throughout his career.

Find out more about this impressive player in this exclusive video interview from our Southern Swing tour.

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