Jontae Gilbert

What Will It Take To Hold On To Jontae Gilbert’s Pledge?

ATLANTA – It has been close to a year since class of 2025 cornerback Jontae Gilbert committed to the Buckeyes and everyone knew it would be a tough slog for Ohio State to hold on to this one.

So far the Buckeyes have managed, but there is still a long ways to go.

Tennessee, LSU, Georgia and other schools have been in his ear, but the Buckeyes have been as well and while recruiting is fun, Gilbert is working hard with his Douglass high school team this spring to make the most of the limited practice time and get better for the upcoming 2023 season.

“Spring is going well,” Gilbert said. “We have got to build this chemistry with each other, that is going great so far.”

But recruiting is all that anyone wants to talk about and that is the case when you are a top player at your position and a top player in the nation, both titles that Gilbert carries.

Current Ohio State defensive back Jordan Hancock has been in the ear of Gilbert as both are Atlanta natives as well as others as Gilbert has had a chance to meet fellow defensive backs on the team and develop relationships.

“They really love me,” Gilbert added. “They think that I can fit right in there as well.”

A player with Gilbert’s skills would be able to fit in anywhere though and schools are making sure that it is known that he is their number one priority.

A recruit can only tell one team yes and everyone else hears no, so it is a difficult process for any player to go through.

Ohio State fans would feel better if Gilbert would just stop answering his phone with other area codes call, and maybe that day will come, but we are not quite there yet.

Find out what else Gilbert had to say during our exclusive one-on-one interview as part of our Southern Swing tour and be sure to keep it locked in to for all the latest news.

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