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Reading The Tea Leaves During A Big Month

It has been a wild month for Ohio State’s coaches in terms of on-campus visits along with recruiting camps, all compacted within a timeframe of just 30 days. That sprint is going to come to an end here in a little more than a week.

Nearly half-a-dozen camps, a seven-on-seven event along with multiple recruiting weekends have kept everyone busy at the WHAC, likely running on coffee and pure adrenaline.

But it has paid off as the Buckeyes have netted some big commits along with making a lot of ground with top prospects.

The camps are done and there is one more big recruiting weekend left in the month, getting underway right now.

Going through all of that got us to thinking about some of the most impressive players we have seen along the way including the likes of a 2025 defensive back.

Plus, we are still talking about the recent news of the commit of class of 2025 quarterback Tavien St. Clair, a huge recruiting get. But what does that mean overall for the Ohio State quarterback picture?

Join us for the Skull Session Recruiting Podcast to get all the latest. Marc Givler is joined by Kevin Noon to talk you through what we have seen and what could be coming up.

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