Is The High School Transfer Portal Now A Thing?

We now live in a day and age of the transfer portal, but we have seen a trend on the rise in terms of the high school transfer portal.

Moving from one high school to another is not anything new. But what about for players who seemingly shop high school for one reason or another? What about players who seem to be at a new school each and every year?

Case in point let’s talk about former Ohio State quarterback commit Dylan Raiola. He is now entering his fourth school in three years with the news of him transferring to Buford (Ga.) high school.

Was this just a matter of him getting closer to his college destination of UGA or is there more to it?

In this edition of the Skull Session Recruiting Podcast, join Marc Givler and Kevin Noon as they look at this move. Was it just a savvy move to get him closer to Athens (Ga.) and the chance to be a weekly visitor on campus? Or was there more to it?

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