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What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder – Talkin’ Defense Edition

I know that Jim Knowles has done some self-reflection on the differences between coaching at Ohio State and Oklahoma State, and the differing needs of both places. Scheming chaos at Ohio State isn’t as necessary as it is at Oklahoma State. Chaos has been recruited, you simply have to allow it loose. Open up the patio doors and let them tear up the yard.

I think Jim Knowles has realized that the defense needs to put the opposing offense in danger, while also keeping the defense out of danger. The Buckeyes are planning to be a little more conservative defensively this year and make offenses earn it. Knowles saw his defense take big swings last year and leave themselves open for too many counters. Having a more experienced defense would allow him to continue to be as aggressive as last year, but ideally that won’t be necessary.

I wonder how much a 280-pound nose tackle will weigh in November. When he’s on the field, I’ll take Mike Hall over anybody, but I’m curious to see how he holds up over the course of the season. Players always talk about losing weight during the season, but that’s mostly guys like Steele Chambers who has had to work to get up to 232 pounds. Could Hall go into the Michigan game in the low 270s?

I know it has been mentioned before that Jim Knowles wanted Jack Sawyer to be more reckless last year. How do you find a reckless guy this year? You get somebody who has been using his athleticism to create havoc since the first day he ever put on a helmet. Everything is easier for him than it is for other people. He is unbothered. It’s just a natural thing. You know those kids who would climb water towers because fear wasn’t something they had been born with?

I think CJ Hicks is a water tower climber.

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