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Postgame Updates: Ryan Day, Buckeyes Talk Following 23-3 Win At Indiana

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Following Ohio State’s 23-3 win over Indiana to open the season, Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day met with reporters to discuss the game. It wasn’t the cleanest game that Ohio State will play this year, which was the source of several frustrations for Day. The highlights of everything he had to say can be found below.

  • “I would’ve liked to have seen Devin [Brown] play a little bit more.” Just felt clunky offensively and didn’t want to risk putting the team in a bad spot by pulling them in and out. They have to do what’s right for Ohio State and “I felt like that was the right call.”
  • On going for it on fourth and two in the first half, it was on the outside of Jayden Fielding’s range. They were at the 29-yard line.
  • The offense was a mixed bag. Have to play better situational football. “We need to run the football.”
  • The game “seems to go fast.” They went with a committee of rushers today. They had good balance between passing and running.
  • “It’s okay for me to be excited about great defense. It’s a different-looking defense.” The defensive line was disruptive.
  • Any time you’re dealing with a new quarterback in a conference game on the road, it’s good to get a win.
  • It felt like he and Brian Hartline were on the sideline talking a lot because of a lot of dead balls and timeouts. Lots of commercials.
  • “You’d like to have more than 23 points. The No. 1 goal was to get the win today.”
  • Kyle McCord made some nice throws in the third quarter. Made a nice throw to Marvin Harrison that got taken away because of a penalty. He bounced back well though. The throw down the middle to Cade Stover was big. “It was a mixed bag overall,” regarding McCord’s play.
  • He anticipated some of this today offensively, but he wanted to better. They didn’t convert as well as they thought they would. “We expect when we’re on third and two….to convert about 80% of the time.”
  • TreVeyon Henderson is the starter. Miyan Williams is right there. It was hot today, especially in the first half, so they rotated three guys quite a bit.
  • You can’t take risks and put yourself in danger of losing a game like this. They will need to be more aggressive in other games.
  • The Kyle McCord interception was on fourth down. Not going to blame him for that because the play got blown up.
  • “That was my gut and I went with it.” — Day on not wanting to put Devin Brown out there later on and have him get into a rhythm. He was slated to go in on the third and fifth drives.
  • Gotta look at the film before making more comments on the offensive line. His expectations were to run for 250, throw for 300 and score 50 points.

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