Ohio State football head coach Ryan Day

Ryan Day Reflects On Quarterback Performance, Process Moving Forward, More

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters on Tuesday for his weekly lunch-time media session. He was asked about quarterback Kyle McCord’s performance on Saturday, plans for quarterback Devin Brown this week, the Ohio State defense, and much, much more. The highlights of everything he had to say can be found below.

  • The offensive line needs to play better. The running game was only 50% efficient on first and second down.
  • On the clock rules taking away possessions, you have to make sure you’re more efficient and execute better on each drive. He told the team that during the game. It is what it is, but it makes the execution more important than ever.
  • They had eight targets for Marvin Harrison and IU did some things to take him away, but they will continue to find ways to be creative and target him. They missed on some of those.
  • How did Kyle McCord feel about his performance? “I think we both felt the same way. There was some good moments. Some good throws.” Some stuff that you’d like to have back. Would’ve liked to have gotten McCord more snaps, and Devin Brown as well.
  • You’d like to have Sonny Styles on the field a lot. If you find that he has troubles doing something, then you sub for him. But he is very flexible and they will see how much he can handle.
  • “I think we have an idea of what our identity will be on offense.” But at the same time, every year is different. They want to look at different things and see where they go. They learned some things on Saturday, which will take them down some different paths. Having many different groupings gives them information for future use, but you still have to execute. If they don’t execute, they can’t call those plays.
  • They can’t be relying on the pass in the short-yardage all the time. At some point you have to draw a line and say you’re going to get the yards.
  • Kyle McCord will start again. They want to get Devin Brown on the field more. He’s not trying to draw too many hard lines about who the starter is right now. The goal is to have a really good quarterback room.
  • They’re working on how to figure out the best way to let Kyle McCord get experience while also giving Devin Brown a chance in the game. “We’ve got to find that right formula because it’s a long season.”
  • When does the offense flip a switch from being conservative to being more aggressive? That involves trust in the quarterback and trust in the offensive line. That’s part of the art of coaching. The defense is playing well, so you have to make sure you do what’s right and get that win. Then identify the areas to improve on.
  • Chip Trayanum can do everything. Can run, block, and catch. He’s big and strong. “I say ‘fullback,’ he’s not a fullback, he’s just a big running back.” When you have a guy who can do a lot of things, it creates stress on the defense. Those hybrid guys give you a lot of options. You have to be careful that when you have guys who can do a lot, you don’t also do a lot or too much offensively. You still have to do what your identity is.
  • When Gee Scott made the move to tight end, he knew it was going to be a long investment. He deserves to be on the field. This was the most snaps for him in a game (25). This is a new feeling for him. It was a good start.
  • When do you want your QB to start taking shots downfield and trusting his receivers? They called a few of those but they just didn’t connect. Had some connected, you probably call more. It all starts with execution. The more they work and the more they play, the more they’ll call.
  • They talked about it before the game that the clock was going to move fast, so you just have to have a plan for it.
  • Is it nice to have an FCS team coming in? “It’s rarely about our opponent.” The guys are excited to be back home. But it’s about putting a bunch of good stuff on tape and improving.
  • “When we’re playing complementary football, we can be the best team in America.”
  • Any time you face an offensive scheme that you weren’t expecting and shut them down, that’s always a good feeling and a credit to the preparation and the players.
  • It takes a little bit of time for a quarterback to gain the confidence they need in games. “I don’t know how many reps. It’s different for each guy.” “I think both guys can play, they just haven’t done a lot of it.”
  • He “definitely” had some wrong assumptions about what would happen in week one. That happens every year.
  • On former public address announcer Bob Kennedy’s passing and having a new PA announcer this year: “He will be sorely missed and gave a lot to Ohio State.”
  • Ja’Had Carter is expected to play. He needs to have a good week of practice.
  • Xavier Johnson didn’t play as much last week because of some of the personnel groupings they were using. Also, the decrease in possessions takes some snaps away from a lot of guys.
  • Josh Proctor has been consistent, which has been a focus for him. Nobody ever questioned his effort. He needs to be a major contributor for them. “He showed up. He graded out a champion.” Day expects him to continue starting at Adjuster. “But I think you’ll see those other guys play.”
  • Cade Stover’s route running has been a huge emphasis for him, and it showed on Saturday. More urgency getting down the field. Crisp routes. He’s a friendly, big target for a quarterback.
  • Josh Fryar was the lone offensive lineman to grade out a champion.
  • Josh Simmons did some good things, but they need more consistency. “Just not consistent enough for what we need.”
  • They didn’t always get what they wanted out of their power running packages of two backs or three tight ends. Just didn’t execute well enough.
  • “I don’t see anything on the film that isn’t correctable” on the offensive line. Would have loved to see better execution. Carson Hinzman’s first start was “not bad.” “I was encouraged overall.” He called a decent game, but there were some things that were “funky in there.” Now the first game is out of the way and you build from that experience.
  • How short of a leash was Kyle McCord on with changing the plays or the reads? They have plays that are full-field progressions. Overall it was pretty well done, but they don’t have everything in the offense that they had for CJ Stroud last year. But they didn’t have that for Stroud two years ago either. It takes time. They have to give him time to throw too.
  • They’ll keep grinding and finding out what is best for the team. That’s at quarterback, offense, whatever.

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