Ryan Day end of Michigan game 2022

Postgame Updates: Ryan Day Talks 35-7 Win Over Youngstown State

COLUMBUS — Following Ohio State’s 35-7 win over Youngstown State on Saturday, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day met with reporters to discuss the closer-than-expected victory. The highlights of everything he had to say can be found below.

  • Kyle McCord had poise coming into this game. Devin Brown was a little anxious to start, but calmed down when he got hit a bit. McCord was pretty efficient overall.
  • The offensive line is still a work in progress. Would he like to evaluate? No, not right now.
  • Not ready to make a final quarterback decision yet.
  • “I like how we came out of the gates playing well.” McCord got himself into a rhythm and showed that he can make some of those throws.
  • As they get more games under their belt, they’ll open the offense more and more. It looked like McCord was more comfortable back there.
  • How well does McCord read the field? It’s hard to compare to other QBs here in the past, but the more you play, the better you see the field. It took Justin Fields a little while as a starter to be completely comfortable. It took CJ Stroud some games as well.
  • The tell the QBs to “find the speed of the game.” If you’re too slow, not good. If you’re too fast, not good.
  • They took the ball with the coin toss because they thought YSU would try to milk the clock. The number of possessions does create a level of anxiety. There were only nine possessions and 60 plays. It makes the third downs big on offense. The defense needs to get off the field better when teams are trying to milk the clock.
  • Great to see Marvin Harrison have a big day. They wanted to get him touches early on. “That was a deep breath.” The long TD wasn’t designed for Harrison but McCord found him.
  • “That clock just seems to keep running.” Have to be more efficient. They did that on offense for the most part. The protection was solid.
  • It is now time to consider giving one quarterback all of the No. 1 reps.
  • “We have high expectations. We want to be perfect. We’re not accepting anything less than excellence.” But you have to build the foundation the right way for the long haul.
  • Not sure how he sees the RB situation going this year. When you only have 60 plays, there’s not a lot of rushes to go around. They wanted to get him more touches. Gotta keep getting him the ball in space too. He ran downhill today. That was a good step.
  • They have urgency on the OL. They want it now. There was some good things, but they need more consistency. They have the talent. They need to make the schematics are simple. Effort and execution is what they want.

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