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Buckeye Weekly: Are The Wolverines Worthy Of Being The New National Title Favorites?

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap a bit of Michigan’s 52-7 win over Indiana on Saturday, but mostly address the fact that it is possible to 1) be a very good team; 2) have played a very easy schedule.

The fellas make these two things agree and discuss the Wolverines’ performance overall. Michigan still isn’t running the ball very well, so they’re getting quarterback JJ McCarthy more and more involved. He’s been outstanding.

The defense has been terrific as well, but they should be with the schedule they’ve played.

Tom and Tony talk about all of this and much more.

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Tony Gerdeman 0:06
Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Buckeye weekly podcast. I am Tony Gerdeman. Here as always, with Tom Orr. Tom, how’s it going?

Tom Orr 0:15
Tony, it’s Monday, which means it’s Michigan Monday, which means only one thing. It’s time to make friends with Michigan fans on the internet like we do every week. Always the best received show that we do every single week.

Tony Gerdeman 0:29
So I hear what you’re you’re saying? I think what you’re the words that you’re putting out there once again, Tom, you’re saying that Michigan isn’t playing anybody? Yes. They beat they beat Indiana 52 to seven. But who is Indiana there? Nobody? And should we even count this as a win time. I’m here to say all wins, counts, and especially impressive wins in the box score in terms of the scores. So yeah, I’m not looking at the seven nothing lead to Indian had the first quarter or the late second quarter, 14, seven, lead that Michigan had time you gotta look at the entire picture. And appreciate the 52 seven win over Indiana for the Michigan Wolverines, another nother game navigating like we’ve seen several times, although I will admit, nothing to admit, I will say that the last few weeks, they’ve actually turned it on more than we have seen in the past, which is what we’ve been asking them to do. So now they’re starting to do it. They’re finally doing it. Clearly they listened to the show, they take constructive criticism and look what it’s done for them.

Tom Orr 1:35
And, you know, I feel like we should address the fact that Michigan’s opponents have by and large been not very good at football. And that is true when they’re playing Flint, Michigan. But that is also true when they’re not playing Michigan. And we tend to pick up a bunch of comments throughout the week on these videos about the fact that well, how can you say that Michigan didn’t play anyone you said that last year, and then they beat Ohio State so you’re idiots and it’s like, to two things can simultaneously be true. Michigan can be very good at football and have a 5050 or better shot at beating Ohio State and also Michigan scheduled to date has largely been a steaming pile of poop. Those two things are only vaguely related. And both can be true at the same time. And in fact, both of those things are true at the same time. Michigan schedule has largely been a steaming pile of poop to date. Also, Michigan is a very, very good football team that has probably a 5050 or better shot at beating Ohio State this year. Yes, both of these things are true. Just I mean, I don’t even know what part of that people are honestly objecting to. So I pulled Ohio State’s strength of schedule ratings compared to Michigan to date as of after last week. saccharin has Ohio State 36 points higher than Michigan, but he has Michigan and Ohio State one and two. So Ohio State’s played a substantially harder schedule, but they are very comparable teams that are both very good at football this year. Team ranking SATCOM has Ohio State 36 spots higher FBI rankings depending on which one of their his schedule models you want to use Ohio State he’s either 5862 or 25 Sports spots higher than Michigan. However, he has Michigan, Ohio State one and two because both you can be a good football team. And you can play a pile of poop for a large chunk of the season. So thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Hopefully that helps. And you know, as for the there was someone who was said, you know, well, they’re just trying to be sunshine pumpers. And, you know, convince Ohio State fans that even have a chance this year, which if you’ve listened to our show, ever probably is not exactly our business model. But okay, I pulled up the college football nerds score simulator what their model would project in Ohio State Michigan score to be Ohio State 32.1, Michigan 32.0. So I mean, Tony, clearly clearly a Buckeye runaway this year. No, no question. I mean, the computer say so. So I don’t know. I don’t know who could possibly argue with that.

Tony Gerdeman 4:05
How dare you say that Ohio State has a chance to beat Michigan this year. I watching these two teams to think that there could be a close game between them this season. Sir, that is outrageous, uncalled for, and unprofessional on your part to not just dismiss a team in a rivalry game out of hand. The the thing that we talked about with this Michigan Monday as we do say this Michigan team is playing extremely well. And they look like one of the best teams in the country. I don’t have no I no longer have an issue with where they are ranked. I thought early on people weren’t watching them. And they weren’t they were just seeing scores. And you’re looking at a score and it’s like whatever there’s I’ve got better things to do rather than actually watch Michigan play this. I don’t want to watch Michigan play UNLV I don’t want to watch them play East Carolina. I don’t want to watch them play bowling green. I’ll just assume things went well, the scores look pretty good. So now I think once the big 10 conference started, and you’re forced to watch Big 10 football on some of these networks like big 10, the big noon kickoff being Indiana and Michigan, like you’re forced to watch that somewhat. And so they’ve turned it on in the big 10. So like, I’m not concerned about their raid rankings or anything, they’ve earned that part. But, again, they won’t play a ranked opponent until November 11. At Penn State, assuming Penn State is still ranked at that point, I don’t expect them to lose out from now until then. But you go until your 10th game, before you play a ranked opponent is that that is worthy of saying you haven’t played anybody yet. This is the schedule, this is a fact this has been a very easy schedule. Also, they’ve done exactly what they need to do like they’ve given up one touchdown per game, most of the time, not every time because they will times they aren’t. They’re not giving up any touchdowns per game. So they are dominating those games against less than good opponents. And this coming week they’ve got they’re at Michigan State, Michigan State is very bad. Then they have Purdue we saw what Ohio State just did on the road at Purdue, Michigan, we’ll get them at home. And then finally, they go to Penn State to face a defense that is going to be difficult to move the ball against and if you can do it. Congrats, great job. Penn State’s offense is not been great this year. But they have it’s probably more more potential in that offense than any offense Michigan will have seen at that point. And then the environment is going to be completely different. Michigan hasn’t been into an environment like that where you’re going against a fan base that expects to win I think that also creates some a different challenge for Michigan but they are now Michigan now is the betting favorite to be the national champs which I’m you look at that and you look at their road and people expect them to beat Ohio State even if they don’t beat Penn State. I think people still expect Michigan to get to the big 10 championship and be whoever they they meet there and nobody else is really played outstanding. And Georgia losing Brock Bowers for like four to six weeks puts them in an interesting situation. So I, I am okay. With Michigan being the championship favorite right now. Big 10 favorite, they’re gonna be favored. I assume they’re gonna be favored by a few points at Penn State. I guess maybe unless Penn State goes in and beats Ohio State, then maybe Michigan would walk into there as a slight underdog, but I’m expecting Michigan to be favored all the way out. And I would agree with that. Yeah, I

Tom Orr 8:02
think it’s I think it’s perfectly fine to view Michigan as the big 10 favorite, I think it’s a little weird, just based on how championship win probability is calculated. It’s weird to look at the team that has two top five ish, regular season games left, including one road trip on their schedule and go Yeah, that’s the most likely team because I mean, Michigan very well, like you can very easily convince me Michigan is the best team in the nation right now, I’m perfectly willing to listen to that argument. There are a lot of metrics. You know, at some point, even if you’re just killing bad teams every week, at some point that starts to matter, and especially the way Michigan is killing teams like last last week in terms of net EPA per play, which is expected points added which I’m going to get through this as quickly as possible. So if you’re just have them yom, yom, Yom meow song in your head for the next 30 seconds if you don’t care, but it’s expected points added per play. So it’s basically, you know, the expected points, if you start on your own 20 yard line, your expected points on that drive is, I don’t know, two and a half, three, depending on your offense, something like that. If you pick up 20 yards, then you’re out to the 40. And then all of a sudden, okay, your expected points per play is has gone from two to four, we’ll keep it simple. So then the expected points added per for that play is two. So just the net expected average points per play is your you know how often how much you added per play when you’re on offense minus what did the opposing team do? So it’s just basically how badly did you work the other team you played and Michigan against Indiana was by far and away the number one team in the nation by that metric net success rate is did you get 50% of what you needed on first down 70% of what you needed on second down and convert on third or fourth down? What was your rate of doing that versus what was your opponent’s rate of doing that by net success rate Penn State was by far and away the best team Last year, last week, Ohio State was second and Michigan was, you know, in the like 10s to 12 foot that, by and large it means Michigan is handling their business very consistently against these crappy teams are playing, which is that’s what you’re supposed to do. You can only play the teams that are in front of you and they’re handling the business that is in front of them. So I don’t you know, no one is saying Michigan is not a good team. No one is saying Michigan is not, you know, there’s no chance of losing the Michigan desert. No one’s saying that either. You got to kind of see it, you got to see, you know, how do they handle going into Happy Valley and facing that crowd in a couple of weeks? How does pay annual How does Penn State handle coming into Columbus this weekend, Ohio State has had to play on the road at Notre Dame and the Notre Dame win looks a little better than it did maybe week ago. So there’s just you know, there’s a lot of stuff going on here that you got to kind of figure and you raised a good point on the buckeyes tomorrow morning podcast is going to run later on on Monday, where there was a change in the big 10 tiebreaker scenarios where you know, it’s this is not any better news for Michigan than it was before. But you know, if the short version is, if Ohio State of Michigan and Penn State each go one and one against each other, whoever that is whether Ohio State’s beats Penn State or hostapd says beats Michigan or Penn State and Michigan how that game goes, if as long as they’re all one in one. Right now Penn State is in the driver’s seat to get the bid, you know, have the tiebreaker is like a fifth tiebreaker down. But Penn State would be in the driver’s seat right now, to go to Indianapolis and get to, you know, destroy Iowa 17 to three or whatever that game is going to end up being that had previously looked like it was going to be Ohio State, the result of the Iowa Michigan Wisconsin game has changed that, you know, it’s in Penn State’s favor, but Michigan’s in third place in that potential tiebreaker. So, Michigan in order to get to Indianapolis, probably needs to beat both of those teams. And so you know, that’s, that’s something else just sort of bear in mind when we’re talking about national championship victory odds.

Tony Gerdeman 12:04
And also, when we talk about Michigan not having played anybody, they are also playing the worst of the big 10 West’s schedule. So this isn’t just a yeah, they bought their cell themselves out of the UCLA game like they’re, they did not schedule, they did not set their big 10 schedule. So they, you kind of get a break by not having to play Iowa, or Wisconsin. But if you don’t win out, it might cost you. But that is way, way down the line. And that would require three teams to lose a game. None of them have done so yet. Somebody’s going to lose this coming week between Penn State and Ohio State. We know that looking at this Michigan, Indiana game 52 to seven, I still, Michigan still has not dominated on the ground the way they have in the past. I I’m trying to, there’s part of me that just expects them to eventually be able to do that. But now in the middle of October, you have not been able to do it yet. So to me, I don’t know if this is one of those things that eventually just the flip switches on and you do it. I think this is who they are. And what we’re seeing now is JJ McCarthy getting more and more involved. I think too involved in this one, honestly, because he was taking some shots he was getting hit, carried about 10 times was sacked I think four times. So you know, six runs, and they’re getting hit on some of those runs. And a game that was not really in doubt even when it was 14 Seven late in the second quarter. I think he is incredibly dangerous on the move. I don’t know that you need them to be incredibly dangerous on the move. In this game though. I think in games like these, they’re getting, they’re making do they’re doing okay with it, they’re getting away with it. I just I wonder if at some point one of these seven carries for him is is going to be the one that shouldn’t have happened. You know, that sort of thing where there’s a toll or there’s just a hit or you land wrong. Because I’ve been saying for a month now they need to get more involved in the run game to help everybody else out. Now I’m saying Just be careful.

Tom Orr 14:32
And just be careful is I think exactly the right advice there. I think back to how Urban Meyer used to use JT Barrett in the run game. And when they were playing Indiana or they were playing Rutgers, JT Barrett would run the ball like twice, three times. When they were playing Penn State he would run the ball 1820 times and I don’t think JJ McCarthy needs to run at 18 or 20 times no matter who Michigan is playing but running it seven times and taking some of the shots he did he I mean he got sacked what four times two I mean that’s that That’s a lot of contact. And there was one in the third quarter, maybe five, five and a half minutes left in the third quarter, where he got up a little slowly, it was kind of like, oh, boy that JJ McCarthy has been really kind of the driving force of this Michigan offense this year, and 14 for 17 and 222 yards and three touchdowns. And OPEX he had the three interception game against Bowling Green, and then hasn’t thrown an interception the rest of the year, the rest of the year. So he’s someone who, boy, you can’t afford to lose him. And they’ve managed Blake corms carries much better this year than they did last year. And we can get to that later. But it feels like they need to find a way to not have JJ McCarthy get hit. Because, you know, I mean, you can you know, he’s tough. He’s a warrior, whatever. Like, you know, if a bone breaks or a you know, a muscle is sprained or torn or something like you can be as tough as you want. It doesn’t, you know, that doesn’t solve the problem if you break your arm or break your leg or something that’s not that’s not a solvable problem with toughness. And, you know, I know Jack total was five of five. But I don’t think this is the same Michigan team. If it’s checked, huddle playing for Michigan and not JJ McCarthy. So yeah, I had the exact same thought you did. Very impressive. He’s you know, he you can tell he’s confident you can tell he’s really comfortable in this system right now. I think that, you know, that play where he was sort of scrambling down by the goal line, and just sort of flipped it and then they, to Donovan Edwards for a dice game. And you know, that just like, I’m not comparing him to Patrick mahomes, but it’s just very much like yeah, oh, sure. Whatever, I’ll just figure it out, like, off platform way, way out of, you know, not at all how your coach to do it. But you just sort of Yeah, screw it, I’ll make this play and you make the play. That’s the kind of thing that does win you games when you’re playing better competition. They didn’t need it against Indiana. But it’s the kind of thing that wins you games against better competition. He’s so mobile in the pocket pocket and so elusive in the pocket where he sometimes he’s running and sometimes he’s just extending plays, but I mean, how many times watching that game Tony, was there an Indiana defendant as oh man, he’s about to get drilled and then he just kind of does this little side slide step thing or just a little hot back or something and just you know, the, the guy who looks like he’s about to just absolutely take his soul clean out of his body just ends up just hitting air and you know, and then McCarthy goes on his merry way.

Tony Gerdeman 17:23
Yeah, he had a 22 yard scramble and this one where he should have been sacked. He’s just in the pocket. Defender like wraps his arms starts to wrap his arms around him. He’s like now I’m gonna go took off down the sideline. He now has three carries of 320 20 yard runs on the season, which is the same number as treyvion Henderson for bio state. Now Henderson has missed the last few games, but it gives you an idea of the big plays and play Quorum has four. So he’s like he’s one behind Blake quorum in terms of 20 yard carries kolel balling says to call amalinks didn’t play this week. Donovan Edwards I don’t know if he has any I didn’t. I didn’t see him on the list in terms of 20 yard carries but the the scramble the scramble to the right and the point to coast in Loveland to take off on the scramble drill, lead to like a 54 yard touchdown pass. That’s just the stuff that he can do. said it before. He’s Caleb Williams, east of the Rockies, Caleb Williams now out of the Heisman race, JJ McCarthy continues to play like this. He will put up like Troy Smith numbers in 2006, where you know, it’s not a huge passing numbers. But everybody just kind of knows like, you’re in this offense, and you’re not going to put up huge numbers. But if you were in Washington’s offense, or you know, Oregon’s offense or whatever, like you’d be putting up big numbers. So I think there’s this understood nature of this understood thing with JJ McCarthy that he’s playing very, very well. And he’s a very, very good player. Great player can make great plays. And if you go in, you beat Penn State ego and you beat Ohio State. Good luck giving that award to somebody else but started over to in this game. He completed 14 of 17 passes, overall started at over two. And then what you know, what is that 14 of 16 over the course of the rest of the game, 222 yards, three touchdowns, sacked four times three times in the first quarter, I believe. Then another one later on, that is not good. That’s something that everybody else is going to take a look at. There were some free runners some edge Blitzers where they didn’t even pay attention to them. So that is a concern. And yeah, you can you can expect JJ McCarthy to get out of stuff. But he was getting swallowed up a couple of times and getting pulled down to where you’re like these these are these are clean sacks being happening happening right now. They’re happening in traffic, and it’s Michigan’s offensive line has to do better because I don’t think this was a situation where like, kind of Record a couple weeks ago gave up a sack because he was took a 12 step drop and just stayed there. You know, this was pockets collapsing on McCarthy.

Tom Orr 20:08
Yeah. And you know, in fairness, we talked about the Indiana defense when Ohio State played Indiana and the Indian defense, it’s not incredible, but they have some players, they’ve got some players net front seven. And Tom Allen has is, you know, has a background as a defensive coach and generally does a pretty good job there. So, you know, I mean, the fact that they scored 52 points was you know, that’s that’s impressive the fact that they scored zero points in the first quarter. That’s a little concerning. The sacks though the sacks are you gonna think the SEC sec, you’re allowed to be a little bit concerned there. And I think you’re a little about to be allowed to be a little bit concerned about another game, where the running backs just kind of did, okay. And it wasn’t remarkable. And, you know, Blake quorums, top line numbers are not even close to what they were last year. And a lot of that has to do with the way they’re using him. After seven games in 2022, he had four games of 25 or more carries. After seven games this year, he has none, he only has more than 16 carries once, and that was 21 against Rutgers. But you know, his yards per carry is down a little bit last year in the first four big 10 games, which ended with the Penn State game 8.1 4.6 5.0 5.9 This year 4.6 4.6 7.7 4.0. So just down, you know, if you’re going to stack those next to each other, it’s down, down, down and tied. And Donovan Edwards last year has been dominant. She’s just been missing in action, this his yards per carry and the big 10 2.2 3.4 5.0 2.2. Last year, he played in three of the first four big 10 games and it was 5.8 2.1 10.8 yards per carry. So you know, he had he’s getting about the same number of carries. He had Breakout game against Penn State last year, he was above where he had 177 yards or something like that. He was above 5.0 yards per carry and nine of the 11 games last year. He’s been exactly at 5.0 once and above 5.0 Once in seven games this year, so he’s you know two for seven or one for seven depending on how you want to calculate that and he was nine for 11 last year just it just isn’t really working for him right now. So you know they’re done. I guess JJ McCarthy is just sort of being asked to do more. Right now he’s he’s answering the call which is good. I just after this many games have Blake Coram and Donovan Edwards kind of just looking okay, and not really hitting the big one and not, you know, not constantly just pounding seven, eight yard carries. It’s just been a lot of four and five and that’s okay. You’re you’re staying on schedule, and that’s good. But you know, it’s not like the yards per carry is the same as it was last year and they’re just getting fewer carries. It’s the yards per carry is down for both of them. It’s you know, kind of cratering for Edwards. And so I you know, you’re putting a lot now on JJ McCarthy and he’s been doing well so far, but you don’t I mean, the idea that it Jim Harbaugh team could start to get a little more one dimensional I think is unfortunate. That dimension is a little you know, I mean that’s that’s a little concerning.

Tony Gerdeman 23:13
The dimension is JJ McCarthy, whether it’s through the air or through the on the ground, Blake quorum in big 10 Play averaging 4.95 yards per carry and four games. And he’s been under 4.7 yards per carry and every big 10 game except for the Minnesota game where he was nine of 69 carry 69 yards. One of those was a 40 yarder. So you hit a big shot. And that kind of covers over some things. Didn’t do it in this game. It’s similar to treyvion Henderson going for 104 yards against Notre Dame with a 51 yard or 52 yarder in there, that was Henderson’s least efficient game. In terms of success rates of the times he’s had at least 10 carriers in the game. That was his least successful game. But he got masked by the long run. And Blake Coram has had some of that this year. It’s just so bizarre because he is fantastic. But you know you four yards of carrying this one 4.6 against Nebraska 4.6 against Rutgers. This isn’t typical for them so that’s why it continues to stand out. Just as the final scores are standing out because that is typical. It’s blowout after blowout after blowout. It may be the good thing is time that they’re finding it It is weird how they just continue to it’s just an overwhelming of the opponent and the opponent can only hold up for so long and it’s not like Michigan is putting up 550 yards of total offense they haven’t hit 500 yards once I thought Indiana was completing some short passes quick passes in the first half of this one they’re moving the ball and then after halftime whatever whatever adjustments they made, everything just got shut downs like Nope, that was, that was fun. We just wanted to see some things basically were just, you know, glorified practice and that first half we’re working on some things. And then they shut everything down in the second half. Indiana. No time. No room. No hope.

Tom Orr 25:19
Yeah, that was I mean, the The interesting thing about Indiana’s first few drives was of the first I think three drives the one where they scored the touchdown was the one where it was the least impressive in terms of just like marching down the field they hit if you didn’t watch the game, and why would you they hit a they hit a double pass to Don it, they threw a pass it Donovan McCauley, who was a former quarterback of theirs, now playing receiver. And then he threw a touchdown pass it was actually a very similar play to what they ran against Ohio State, they scored a touchdown against Ohio State and on a play like that in 2019, I think in a game that was very similar to this where it ended up opponent extremely large number Indiana seven, I think and it was the only touchdown was on that that kind of double pass. But you know that the first drive, they went down the field and it looked like the ball either slipped, they were speculating on TV that the ball maybe slipped, but they threw an interception at the end the first drive in the redzone. And then they had another one where they got to midfield or beyond I think after that, but yeah, the second half, it was just like and we’re done here. There was just there was nothing. It was 21 Seven, Michigan at halftime and just if you just watch the Indiana drives, they could have played 15 quarters of football and it would probably still have been seven points for Indiana. They were just not they weren’t even close in the second half. So you know, the defense handling what they needed to handle. The defensive line continues to be very, very good. The you know, had a nice Blitzer, Michael Barrett, he had a strip sack and recovery. KENNETH Brandt I thought was going to have a big man interception at one point. Disappointingly, he did not. But it just a key on Saab. Another another interception kind of late in the game. Like the defense is just kind of, like boringly good. And they just it’s, you know, this team has a vet you know, national championship caliber defense. I think the offense is very good. If Blake Coram was running for seven yards of carry or whatever it was that he ran for last year, I think I would feel more confident in their chances. But they haven’t had they haven’t been really been stressed yet. So you haven’t seen? You know what, what does this look like against a better defense you mentioned treyvion Henderson’s Triffin Henderson’s game against Notre Dame being his least efficient against any defense. Well, yeah, Notre Dame has the 15th ranked defense. I’m just looking at FBI right now, because that’s the one I pulled up. I’m just going to scroll down here and go through Ohio State and Michigan opponents. As I go down here down this list of defensive efficiency. Notre Dame 15th, Maryland who Ohio State also played 21st scrolling, scrolling, scrolling of records, there we go. 28th. So record Michigan’s top opponent in terms of defense so far 28th in the country, so just there’s not and I’m scanning down again, Now below that and not seeing anyone down at 45/45 is Nebraska. So there’s just, you know, they’ve played Okay, defenses they have, they’re going to get tested like this is they have they have Penn State, Michigan is fourth in, in defense in this this category, Penn State six, Iowa seventh who whoever is going to play in the big 10 championship game, probably in Ohio State eighth. So, you know, they are going to get tested against better defenses, potentially, you know, three out of four weeks later in the season. I just, I don’t know quite how much to chalk up to they’re just not doing you know, they’re not trying to do anything crazy right now. And they’re saving it all for the for later in the season. or something’s just just a little bit off right now.

Tony Gerdeman 28:56
Will will soon soon find out. I did see Heather Dinesh from ESPN mentioned that now that Michigan and Ohio State have common opponents. It’s proof why Michigan is ranked higher. And then you look at Ohio State and Indiana now have common opponents with Maryland. and Maryland beat Indiana by more than one Ohio State beat them. So Maryland should be ranked ahead of Ohio State I believe based on that sort of thing. But we’re gonna get more into the common opponents eventually, but it won’t the common opponents aren’t going to be what determined says it’s going to be the opposition themselves. Ohio State versus Michigan versus Penn State and it’s it’s gotten to a headstone here, Tom. Good. Well,

Tom Orr 29:43
I mean, the common opponent thing is that’s one of the things you point to if it favors your team. And you don’t point to if it doesn’t, I mean, last year, Ohio State beat records by 39 and Michigan beat Rutgers. Oh, they though that was two years ago, I was thinking of Michigan, Michigan beat records by 38. So or 35 Excuse me, so Totally different. But yeah, you just last year Ohio State beat Indiana by 42. Michigan beat Indiana by 21. Guess Guess what? Guess what happened at the end of the season. It didn’t matter. You just Michigan beat Ohio State, Maryland by 13. Michigan beat them by seven. It just that’s one of the things you point two if you if it favors your team and it has meaningless garbage if it does not favor your team, so yeah, sure. I mean, the good news, Tony, they’re gonna play at the end of the season and then we’ll actually find out for sure who’s who’s the better team.

Tony Gerdeman 30:32
Speaking of meaningless garbage. Michigan plays Michigan State this weekend.

Tom Orr 30:39
Who Boy, that is. It’s funny, I remember us talking about speculating about TV network selections for this week. And like, boy, there’s two really big marquee games that week, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State you wonder, you know, wondering if that would impact TV selection and there’s two games so maybe a network could be more willing to you know, not have the first election this week because there’s a second game that’s so good. And, um, life comes at you fast Tony,

Speaker 1 31:08
Michigan will be facing a new starting quarterback at Michigan State Kane Hauser started this past week against Rutgers and had to spark Spartans out to a big lead. They could not hold on to it. We’ll see if they’re able to hold on to a big lead against Michigan this coming weekend.

Tony Gerdeman 31:24
Who’s to say

Tom Orr 31:25
I think I think Michigan State has to say and I think they were I think I think you can go ahead and just keep the just keep Paul Bunyan just right in Ann Arbor. I don’t think you need to bring him to the game. Just just you know where he’s going afterwards. It’ll be fine.

Tony Gerdeman 31:40
Yeah, don’t put he’s not on the travel roster. So that will do it for today. I want to thank you all for joining us. As always, please find us at buckeye. hello.com If you’re not yet a member, now’s a great time to join. It’s also a great way to help support what we do here. So I want to thank you all for tuning in. And we’ll talk to you guys later.

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