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Buckeye Weekly: 14 Bold Predictions For Penn State vs. Ohio State

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman go back and forth with seven bold predictions each for Saturday’s huge matchup between Penn State and Ohio State.

There are predictions about quarterbacks Kyle McCord and Drew Allar, some prognostications on Davison Igbinosun, touchdowns for defenders, fumbles, fumbles, fumbles, and much, much more.

You can find a full, automated (and unedited) transcription below the video player.

Tony Gerdeman 0:00
Hello everybody. Welcome to the Buckeye weekly podcast. I am Tony Gerdeman. Here as always with Tom Orr. Tom… How’s it going?

Tom Orr 0:10
Tony, are you supposed to be here? Are you trying to steal my bold predictions? I’m not sure you’re allowed to be here. Are you allowed to be here?

Tony Gerdeman 0:20
This is actually behind me as a green screen of my home. I am actually on site scouting your bald predictions right now. But please don’t tell anybody. Especially don’t tell the NCAA also. Are you having hamburgers?

Tom Orr 0:34
Yes, I am having hamburgers. And that’s actually the real problem. Here is the hamburgers. In case anyone is wondering, did these two idiots have a straight answer? Not necessarily. In case you missed it on Thursday afternoon, the Ross from Ross dough ninja and Dan Wetzel at Yahoo, the Michigan NCAA has opened an investigation into Michigan, apparently for potentially doing some in person scouting and sign stealing of their opponents. Tony, when you schedule a brutal schedule, as Michigan has just absolute, just an absolute murderer’s row. Can you imagine trying to face Bowling Green without resorting to stealing in person signs, which is again, only an allegation right now, we don’t want to rush to judgment on any of this stuff. But I mean, which which of the teams so far under scheduled? Do you feel that these allegations against because I mean, it could be any of I mean, Rutgers could be Indiana? I mean, how are you going to stop your DNS offense without scouting a dnn person? I don’t. No one else has done it this year.

Tony Gerdeman 1:41
I think what needs to happen is a full investigation in terms of flight plans, check to see how many planes have left Detroit and landed in Toledo and then a car was rented and driven to Bowling Green. I think there’s some of that that needs to be involved. I wonder how far back this goes. Could it possibly go back to at least two years to explain how Michigan has been able to be successful against Ohio State’s defense when that’s never happened before? I think all of all options are on the table because this calls into question everything that has come down throughout Jim Harbaugh’s tenure at Michigan, everything has its cast, the podcast, everything is in the cloud now. You How many of his wins are going to be taken away? I think all of this is now in question, because what is it every month, we get a new allegation, a new form of cheating, a new suspension, a new coach being fired at Michigan? What? What is going on there?

Tom Orr 2:42
Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to speculate on that. And I do feel like it’s appropriate for us to pump the brakes and wait for some of the additional facts to come out. But you know, I mean, it does. It does feel like there is a little bit of a I don’t know, I mean, a pattern developing Is that Is that fair that it feels like there’s just kind of constantly been some stuff going on with Michigan football and you know, a lot of it gets kind of poo pooed. And it’s just hamburgers, and I don’t I mean, there there are lots of there’s lots of smoke that it was not just in fact hamburgers, no matter how much people want to paint it as Joe’s hamburgers, but we’ll you know, let that one play out as well. But yeah, it is. It is interesting. Michigan wanted to get into big boy college football. And I mean, the the onfield results have have indicated that and some of the off field stuff is starting to lean that way too. So be interesting to see how this gets covered internally among the folks that cover Michigan’s program because it does sort of, you know, if this is all born out to be true, it does sort of counteract what has been the prevailing narrative among that set of folks for many decades.

Tony Gerdeman 3:51
I wonder what the it’s just hamburgers explanation will be for this. It’ll be like Oh, it’s just golf trips or it’s just all it’s just baseball card show like they’ll they’ll find like a conference that was at each of those cities like all they were just going it was a furry con. It was anything. But again, let’s not speculate.

Tom Orr 4:12
Please, please let’s not speculate. Can Can we? Is there any way to turn back time? 30 seconds and make me hear at least some of those phrases? No. Okay, well, let’s talk about bold predictions instead. Because no matter how stupid that show is, there’s no possible way it can get any stupid in the last 30 seconds of this show. So Tony Hmm, I think we should talk about who won bold predictions not to change the subject but I think we should talk about who won bold predictions last weekend. I got mine about Penn holding Purdue under 80 yards passing in the first half. They were held to 47 yards in the first half, which is famously less than at Ohio State hit their 150 yards rushing in 250 yards passing. They were over 150 yards rushing, then went backwards under 150 yards rushing. I texted you that that was about as mad as I was. ever going to be if I didn’t get that one and then they did they finished with 152 yards passing or 150 or two yards rushing 354 passing. They were not clustering turnovers. They did not recover a fumble by a Purdue quarterback. They did out gain Iowa by six yards per attempt Ohio State 11.1 yards per attempt. I would 26 for 14 for 37 yards 2.64 yards per attempt. I do not know if I’ve ever seen a non service academy that low covered that one easily. Three of Ohio two defensive linemen each had more than one tackle for loss Tyler Williams a to Jack Sawyer with one and a half JT to Imola with one and a half I did not my hit my parlay of touchdown scores have cursed the universe there with picking trivia and Henderson to get his touchdown run and the he didn’t play because he was hurt and then I say okay well swap and Chip train him and then ship train him got hurt so I stopped swapping people in because at that point I did not want to be directly result responsible for any any young men getting injured. Calm record v nine yard pass that you gave me that one hit as well. So 12345 points, Tony. That feels like a lot. How did you do?

Tony Gerdeman 6:05
Well, Tom, we’re out of time for the show. I want to thank everybody for joining us I got one and not like I got to including the free point that you gave me where Ohio State scores four points in the first IOC scores four points in the first 57 mins. I think that was when I gave you you gave me the column records completes a pass of nine yards.

Tom Orr 6:23
Oh, well, that doesn’t matter. Anyway, the important thing is that number one, I won and number two, I did half of your work for you as usual. So now that’s about how this typically goes.

Tony Gerdeman 6:34
I did I did get one where my what my one of my one pointers was somebody loses rushing yards who hasn’t done so yet. That was Dallin Hayden, just as I expected. I said exactly one play of 17 or 34 yards and then boom right away. There’s a 17 yarder and then not so long after that they’re in a 34 yarder and I don’t know how often these things happen, but apparently, quite often, so I was surprised I didn’t get my 181 at the way things are going I thought that was gonna hit came close to the Cornell tape free pointer where he surpasses his season totals of five catches 83 yards and one touchdown. Closer than anything else I came to

Tom Orr 7:14
was this bowl, horseshoes or bold hand grenades? No. Okay, well then I sounds like it’s five two. So Tom, go ahead. All right, Tony. We’re gonna start with Penn State quarterback drew Allard. Do you know in his entire college career, how many times Drella has turned the ball over fumble or interception?

Tony Gerdeman 7:34
I don’t know if he’s fumbled. I know he hasn’t thrown any interceptions and his 241 attempts,

Tom Orr 7:39
zero career turnovers as far as I could tell, so Tony, guess what he’s going to do for the first time in his college career on Saturday. He’s going to turn the football over

Tony Gerdeman 7:51
i This is one of those where well that’s that’s gonna stick he’s been starting for half a season now and he’s played and it’s not a ton of starts. But yeah, that’s his whole thing is he doesn’t turn the ball over. So if you’re gonna go with that, because I have something similar, but it’s different if I choose to use it, so yes, we will allow that one. jeweller commits a turnover. Done. Time my first one. I will go with something that has only happened once this season. So it is possible for it to happen. Unlike the jeweller stuff. Colonel Tate scores a touchdown.

Tom Orr 8:31
Yeah, I mean, I have to I have to allow that just based on the fact that it has only happened once this year. And you know, picking an individual player to score a touchdown is always a little dicey. Plus, this is going to, I think be a relatively low scoring game. So based on all of that I kind of have to grudgingly allow that one for you.

Tony Gerdeman 8:50
I feel like it’s a two pointer. But I’m going to start out with a one there, Tom.

Tom Orr 8:54
Very bold of you to only take one points for it for that one. Yes. Wait till you hear about my three pointer by Drew cow a dweller doing something he’s literally never done in his entire college career. That’s fine. Take your take your one and be happy with it. Next one, Tony. Let’s see. How about this. Debbie? Did you see the graphic on Thursday morning from Tom Fanelli from CBS Sports about the number of air yards that Penn State has, like the graphic. It was a graphic where you know the graphic was titled quote who’s chucking it and the answer is not Penn State averaging something like 6.4 Air yards and then averaging less than two more than two yards short of the sticks on their passes all year. Would you like to guess where I was air yards are in terms of where they’re how many yards ahead of Penn State Iowa is in terms of both air yards per attempt and also average air yard for six to six.

Tony Gerdeman 9:50
No, I don’t want to get involved. Iowa is two

Tom Orr 9:53
yards closer to the sticks and two yards further in terms of air yards per attempt the high flying Iowa Okay, guys, so all that Tony. I mean, this should really be a 17 point here, but I’m gonna I’m gonna just graciously take this as a one. Penn State attempts a pass between 17 and 30 yards 34 yards downfield within their first five snaps on offense in the game.

Tony Gerdeman 10:18
That’s a good one that I was worried you’re going to try to stretch this out beyond thing, like through the first four quarters 17 to 34 yard air Pat air yards pass within the first five snaps you said

Tom Orr 10:31
within the first five snaps on offense, I just I think maybe they take a shot at some point on their first drive or early on their second drive if they go three and now it just just feels like that might be something that they look at doing and that would be very uncharacteristic for them but worth worth worth a shot, especially with Denso, Burke’s health, you know, at least somewhat in question right now.

Tony Gerdeman 10:54
And just so people know air yards meaning downfield, not to the sideline.

Tom Orr 10:58
Yes, yes, we’re not we’re not using like the hypotenuse of the triangle it is. How many yards downfield the pass goes so 17 to 34 yards. Okay.

Tony Gerdeman 11:08
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Tom Orr 12:57
Well, and let me just hit this one right now. That’s sort of related. And we can see if we’re kind of in the same ballpark here, Penn State and Ohio State have allowed a total allowed a total between them of eight passing plays of 30 plus yards in 12. Games that worked out to 0.67 passing plays of 30 plus yards allowed in 12 games or 0.67 per per game. So I’m saying between the two there are at least three plays of that long for one point.

Tony Gerdeman 13:30
Yeah, we can do that. That’s, that’s a pretty good number. So at least three plays

Tom Orr 13:35
at least three plays of 30 plus yards. Passing play. Okay, all right. Yes, yes.

Tony Gerdeman 13:41
Okay, three passes. 30 yards. And can. Tom, once a receiver catches one of those free passes, he is now no longer eligible to catch another pass. Is that what you’re saying?

Tom Orr 13:54
naddis. Very specifically, not what I am saying that. Okay. I would never Tony. I mean, I respect the listeners way too much to say.

Tony Gerdeman 14:02
But that’s fine. We don’t need to strike the receivers. Are you saying that? Once one of the quarterbacks throws one of those passes, they are stricken? Is that what we’re saying?

Tom Orr 14:10
I don’t think that’s what I’m saying either. Let me just go ahead and check the transcript and no, that is not what I’m saying. But thank you for thank you for showing interest in my in my bold prediction.

Tony Gerdeman 14:22
I wouldn’t call it interest. But alright, we’ll go ahead and allow that at least three passes of 30 yards or more combined from the two teams. As long as Tom. It is not just one person. That’s cheating.

Tom Orr 14:39
In what way is that cheating? Specifically show your work.

Tony Gerdeman 14:44
Because it’s happening in person time and we know anything that happens in person is cheating.

Tom Orr 14:49
But by but if I’m eating a hamburger when it happens, then it’s not cheating.

Tony Gerdeman 14:54
See, now the hamburger has become a 17 or 34 in the show and now we have to allow this All right, at least three past plays of 30 yards or more done. Sam, do you know what Penn State has done on 29 of their last 30 trips to the red zone,

Tom Orr 15:12
I am going to guess that they score have scored points on 29 of their last 3430 points, because

Tony Gerdeman 15:18
they fit, they’ve only failed twice this season. I am saying they will fail at least once in this game, to score at all.

Tom Orr 15:29
Okay, so one empty trip to the redzone. For Penn State based on the based on the stats there, I think I have to agree with that. I’m going to transition right now to another related one, I think we are very much on the same page with a lot of this. This is my two pointer. So my this for two points for me is both teams convert a fourth down attempt, and also do not convert a fourth down attendance. So each team is at least one for two. Penn State that what reminded me of that was Penn State is 11 for 12 on fourth downs this year. So both teams have to attempt multiple fourth downs, convert at least one each, and not convert at least one each for tuples.

Tony Gerdeman 16:12
I wish I had more energy to go and look to see how often this has happened. But it feels there’s a lot going on with this one. And generally when there’s a lot going on with this one, I’ll be distracted and just accept it. Because

Tom Orr 16:28
this is this is one of these multi like parlays, where it’s like each individual thing is like, yeah, I could see that happening for sure. And it’s like, well, now, you need four discrete events to happen. And there’s only going to be I think you’re gonna see some fourth down attempts. And I think that might be related to Penn State coming up, empty in the red zone at some point. But if that one happens, then there’s still three more things that also need to happen. And I don’t know how many drives you’re expecting this game. But I think there are not going to be that many opportunities to come up empty on a fourth down conversion, because I’m not expecting a lot of drives in this game.

Tony Gerdeman 17:05
Well, and I’ll tell you each, each to each of these two teams are attempting essentially two per game to fourth down attempts per game. And as you said, Penn State is 11 to 12. Ohio State is six, or eight of 13. So you could get your tests, but this is they have to hit exactly straight in that box, as we’ve said before. And so I’m going to allow and if this is something that is typical, I’m going to be upset.

Tom Orr 17:36
Yeah, I don’t think it’s been typical, because Penn State’s only missed on one. So they can I did not go back to look at which game that they did that in.

Tony Gerdeman 17:45
I’m gonna I’m going to look at the game logs for the Ohio State fourth out attempt. So they did not attempt any at Purdue. But they’ve done two or three and every other games defensively. In terms of fourth down attempts, they have faced 16 and six games. So they faced at least one in every game. And there’s been one missed. And they’ve they’ve stopped somebody once in every game. But it’s not just stopping. I’m going to allow it. I’m just letting the people know it’s probably a one pointer. But we’re, we’re already this deep into the show. So we’ll go ahead and allow a two pointer there. And then I will just ask for some at some point for some leeway. Not this week, because all of mine are bold enough. But maybe down the road. Perhaps before we had for a ballgame. Just a little leeway.

Tom Orr 18:33
Yeah, perhaps, perhaps I’m sure this won’t ever. I’m sure this one ever mentioned again. Alright, so. So do I need to do you want to do your two pointer? You want me to do another one pointer here? What do you want to what do we want to

Tony Gerdeman 18:45
do? I can do my two pointer. Okay. Penn State has allowed in big 10 Play this year. 462 yards passing total. I am saying Kyle McCord will throw for 100 under that 362 I’m not going to vote for 62 362 It’d be a career high for McCord, against the best defense he’s faced this year. A number that is not close to anything that Penn State has given up this year. And I could look to see exactly when the last time they even gave up 362 yards passing in a game. But I don’t believe I need to.

Tom Orr 19:24
I would be interested to know that fact. I’ll tell you because me because we talked earlier in the week about I’m not I’m not fighting you on this, I would just be interested to know that fat because this year’s Penn State schedule has not been rich with tremendous offensive firepower, shall we say? I think we went through the stats at some point earlier in the week and exactly one of the teams that they’ve played was in the top 100 In terms of points scored per game and one of them was in terms of I think yards per play. So no matter how you want to slice it, advanced metrics or traditional metrics their opponents have been very good. So what is what is the last 10 Pence that give up this many yards passing?

Tony Gerdeman 20:05
So the most they’ve given up this year is 276. Two noted passing attack Illinois. But they gave up 354 to Ohio State last year to CJ Stroud, do you remember him? Do you remember that passing attack that Ohio State had back when they had Marvin Harrison and America book on the same team? opener against Purdue last year, 365 yards passing allowed to NFL quarterback Aiden O’Connell. So that was the last time it’s been some time since then. And again, they barely passed and it took 59 attempts. I don’t think we’re gonna see Ohio State throw the ball 59 times, they obviously may be fortunate to get 59 Total plays in this game, which is another factor?

Tom Orr 20:42
Yes. Which is definitely another factor. So yeah, I’m going to I’m going to allow that there’s a lot of there’s a lot of different moving parts there in terms of which receivers are going to play and what’s the weather like, and what’s the game state. And as you know, Ohio State tried to manage to try to come back, I mean, the best thing we could happen in terms of this happening would be Ohio State being down by two scores in the first half and kind of having to abandon the run that that would be the most likely scenario. So I’m sure I know which way the listeners are rooting this this week. As usual, Tony, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna bring back one of my favorites. Tony Davis hitting minnows and with two discrete impact plays, and also an accepted penalty against

Tony Gerdeman 21:23
this is, this is becoming a 1734 Cheeseburger. But also, at some point, it’s when does it become a free square? You know, has he done it yet? Or does it just feel like it?

Tom Orr 21:36
I don’t think anyone has actually hit on this one yet. Like, I’m sure it has happened. But I don’t think this is at least the third time I think someone has picked something along these lines. I don’t think anyone has hit on it yet. Which is, you know, is significant.

Tony Gerdeman 21:51
No, it is I’m just looking. He had a he’s had one half tackles for loss. That was a couple of weeks ago. And right now we’re gonna allow this. This is, strangely, this is one I think everybody should root for just because, you know, maybe not the penalty if you don’t want to get into that. But this is kind of like a pet thing now for the show. So we’ll go with that one. Time. Here’s something and I don’t know, I don’t know if this is bold. And we can talk about this. Because it’s happened. It’s happened, I think, three straight weeks.

Tom Orr 22:24
My favorite part of the shows is Tom, I don’t know if this is bold. Let me Ron Howard narrator voice that for you. If you’re asking No.

Tony Gerdeman 22:34
What it’s just it depends on what your definition of is bold is, if you will. So this is something that Kate Stover has done this. Four straight weeks of at least 50 yards receiving. And he’s never done it more than like, two I think last year. So I don’t know. Is it bold to say he could do it for a fifth week in a row? Or is it not bold? Because he’s done it four weeks in a row so that that’s the thing I’m thinking like 50 yards receiving and a touchdown. So he’s done the last two weeks.

Tom Orr 23:07
So my fifth bold prediction for one point is Cade Stover 100 yards receiving which would be career high. So okay, I think I have I think I have overbid you now, I do not have a 3.0. No, I do have a three pointer. So yes, I think that’s unless you unless you would like to go over 100 yards or tell me 90 yards and a touchdown or something. I think that’s probably one I’m going to get.

Tony Gerdeman 23:31
Yeah, no, I’m gonna allow that one. You can have that one because I had a second one. Like, I just I was trying to figure out knowing we’d have a conversation. Is it the five straight that is bold? Or you know, because you say that,

Tom Orr 23:44
if you had predicted him to do that five weeks ago, that would have been incredibly bold. He’s already done four of them. So you’re picking him to do it once. That’s just to be clear on how probability works. That’s not I don’t want

Tony Gerdeman 23:55
to I just wanted your thoughts on it to see where you were, but clearly, you’re you disagree. So not even not You’re not even disagreeing because I wasn’t even sure you know, in terms of how you would feel about it, but that’s why it was a it was an auxilary prediction. I can pass it off. Now you can have it. Here’s one for each of the quarterbacks each of the two starting quarterbacks in this game fumbles at least once

Tom Orr 24:27
Well, I guess jeweller hasn’t lost a fumble in history. I don’t know if he has fumbled but you know that’s this is two starting quarterbacks. Yes. So Kyle McCord and drew owl are both start both fumble the ball. They don’t have to lose it can we have trying to decide if one of them needs to lose? It?

Tony Gerdeman 24:48
Does then it becomes Yeah, if you try to change it, then somebody has to lose it. So what do you feel you feel like?

Tom Orr 24:54
Yeah, I’m gonna know I’m gonna say I’m gonna say that’s okay. Each of starting quarterback So call your shot on this Kyle McCord and drew allor both lose a fumble in this game or both. fumble the ball in this game. Whatever. Is that what you’re saying? I just want to make sure we’re we’re on our P’s and Q’s as Tim May has said this week.

Tony Gerdeman 25:18
Food that yes,

Tom Orr 25:21
that is gonna say that sounded pretty noncommittal there. I’m gonna need more than him.

Tony Gerdeman 25:27
Yeah, each of Kyle McCord Andrew allor fumble assuming that whoever starts for each team fumbles at least once so yes.

Tom Orr 25:35
Okay. All right. And then so now we have all five of our ones we have our twos

Tony Gerdeman 25:44
I have one more one.

Tom Orr 25:47
Okay, somehow I have some somehow I have come Oh, because I just had the Cade Stover one. So that’s yeah. Okay, go ahead.

Tony Gerdeman 25:55
Then there will be 34 more punting yards in this game than rushing yards. Now, both teams are averaging about 130 yards punting. That’s right where Ohio State is in terms of rushing as well Penn State’s averaging 200 yards rushing so that right now they’re averaging like 70 more yards punting than rushing rushing than punting combined. So I’m saying there’ll be at least 34 more yards punting than rushing in this game.

Tom Orr 26:24
All right, I’m frantically trying to pull up the Ohio State Notre Dame box for because I think we’re probably looking at a fairly similar game. And it feels like this is exceedingly likely to hit. Which is a problem for a what is purportedly a bold prediction.

Tony Gerdeman 26:46
Last year, Ohio State’s against Penn State had 156 yards punting and they had 900 yards rushing 98 yards rushing.

Tom Orr 27:04
Ah, so this is a thing that happened a wide margin last year 135 And

Tony Gerdeman 27:10
Penn State had 134 yards punting last year against Ohio State. And they rushed 411 I haven’t looked at that. Do you want me to change my answer at all?

Tom Orr 27:24
No. And here’s what I’m pulling up the Notre Dame box score and Ohio State rushed for more yards and they punted for 126 to 115, Notre Dame rushed for more than they punted for 176 to 92. So So you’re saying that they will punt for more than they rush for which which one is higher, punting or rushing

Tony Gerdeman 27:41
total, I believe punting has won out in terms of the total 34 more yards punting than rushing I get 3535 here

Tom Orr 27:52
and I will allow that I went back and I looked at this. I looked at the numbers from the Notre Dame game. And I think we’re I think I think we can I think we can do this. I think that’s I think I will allow that, especially because of the 34 I was I just wanted to kind of sanity check it against those against the box for it. And that’s fine. I am not 20 I’m not unreasonable on this. I just when we when you throw out, you know, well. If Mercury’s in retrograde, the Buckeyes are going to run the ball, you know, between 17 and 34 degrees latitude. Like, I don’t Yeah, I just I need to look at this because otherwise, I don’t want you I don’t want you to try to get away with stuff. I respect the listeners way too much for that.

Tony Gerdeman 28:35
You brought Iowa’s retro grade into the show last week. So don’t give me anything about

Tom Orr 28:42
Well, I had I had their numbers I had the head they provided the facts on the ground in terms of how much they do and when you talk about the passing grade and it is a lot on the ground. So my last one, Tony, oh, we got to do three pointers. Here we go. Yep, my three pointer. We’ve talked before about the middle eight. So the last four minutes of the first half, the first four minutes of the second half. So the middle eight minutes of the game. Three scores, not you know, touchdown in pa t do not count as two separate scores, three scores. So a touchdown, a field goal, a safety in the middle eight between the two teams.

Tony Gerdeman 29:24
I don’t really feel like that’s a three pointer. I feel that’s more one or two though. I know this is going to be a low scoring game, but you try to do your most scoring at the end of the half while you’re just trying to make something happen. And but you also have to score that I I don’t like this as a three pointer. But also I know points aren’t going to be easy in this game. I will say Tom, how about field goal can only be used once.

Tom Orr 29:55
I was gonna say how about this at least one must be a field goal. At least one must be a touch down. How about that?

Tony Gerdeman 30:03
Yeah, I’ll go. I’ll go along along with that I, again, I’m, I know I’m speaking for the people here, when I say this doesn’t feel like a three, but you’ve already thrown you two in there. And Ford four scores in the middle age feels more like a four. So this is not this is a happy medium, if you will.

Tom Orr 30:23
If you want to count the PSAT or two point conversion, I will give you four scores in middle eight, that’s fine, we can do that. That makes you feel better.

Tony Gerdeman 30:31
Now we’re gonna go ahead and do this. That way I can be a martyr after the fact, which is my favorite thing. My three pointer. And again, respectfully the leeway that I gave you time. A defensive touchdown return from somebody who’s never scored. So it can’t just be a fumble a recovery in the end zone. Interception in the endzone we see those all the time, but has to be returned from somebody who’s never scored.

Tom Orr 31:00
How many players on the Ohio State defensive scored? A? And is this from both teams? No, no, this is just Ohio just from Ohio State so a player on Ohio State’s defense who has never scored scores a touchdown on a return of at least one zero yards. Yes.

Tony Gerdeman 31:20
Now I can I can run down some names of defensive players who’ve scored 40 If you want to start eliminating guys Sure. Go ahead and Jasper. Those Josh Proctor, Jermaine Matthews, Tyler Williams Steele chambers JT three more than while Tommy Eichenberg I feel like this is becoming a 4.0

Tom Orr 31:38
I was gonna say I think you had me at Dell Burke. Yeah, you had me at a couple names ago I think yeah, that’s that’s fine. That’s that’s a good one. Yeah, I feel like that’s that’s that’s fair. I was I was going to put some kind of a return number on there that but 17 felt like too long. So you know, I that’s fine. I think I think that’s I think that’s a good one. All right, and your gift Tony and Ohio State running back we’ll have a run of over five yards

Tony Gerdeman 32:10
within the first four quarters

Tom Orr 32:11
you know what I will graciously give you overtime as well. Although if this game goes to overtime with Ohio State not having a rush of five of over five yards I kind of don’t want to be there for the for the game. So

Tony Gerdeman 32:23
First team to score wins. All right, then I will accept that I will give you one here my gift to you. At least one tackle for two different different Ohio State linebackers

Tom Orr 32:39
at least one tackle for two different Ohio State linebackers. Okay, but I get I get to count Sonny Styles as a linebacker if it comes down to it.

Tony Gerdeman 32:48
Okay, but only if the tackle happens on defense.

Tom Orr 32:52
That’s fair, I will not count a Sonny Styles tackle on special teams or if he starts playing offense.

Tony Gerdeman 33:00
See, Tom we’re getting along just fine right now and I appreciate the way we’ve come together and we’ve allowed things to become friendlier, less hostile, less hateful, less maniacal on your part and you’ve really grown as my humility has also stands out quite a bit I think as well but it’s probably the best part of the show. As a as I’ve been told, so anything else?

Tom Orr 33:25
No, I think that’s it. I’m looking forward to seeing who has the couch or shame on a long Tony weekend trip to to Wisconsin tonight or Tony to nighter and then guess what we got no get another tonight are coming up the week after that go into Ruckers it is is going to be a couple high stakes weeks on the Mikado shame from

Tony Gerdeman 33:47
there but the good news is regardless of the kind of shame when we go to New Jersey, everybody hits the mattresses, so we take it to the mattresses. We’re all good there. But that will do it for this bold predictions episode. Want to thank you all for joining us. As always, please check us out at Buckeye If you’re not yet a member, become a member check it out for a month. It’s a great way to support us and what we do and there’s plenty of stuff behind the paywall X’s nose recruiting team stuff, just do you know where they’re on the message board as well so you can reach out to us at all times pretty much there as well. So thank you all for tuning in. And we’ll talk to you guys later

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