Ryan Day

Postgame Updates: Ryan Day, Buckeyes Talk Win Over Wisconsin

MADISON, WI — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following the Buckeyes’ 24-10 win at Wisconsin. He discussed the performance of running back TreVeyon Henderson, another outstanding game by the OSU defense, provided some injury updates, and more. Also speaking were Marvin Harrison, Jack Sawyer, Jordan Hancock, and TreVeyon Henderson. The highlights of everything they had to say can be found below.

Ryan Day

  • You can see the difference TreVeyon Henderson makes when he’s on the field. They just missed on the touchdown pass in the end zone. You can see the impact he has on the offense.
  • Winning the game while also having three turnovers? It started off with a good combination of the running game. They’re all frustrated that they’re not able to finish off the drives.
  • They’ve decided to hold Emeka Egbuka one more week. Confident he will be back next week.
  • Some very tough performances out there. Guys were battling with some bumps and bruises.
  • The gameplan changes when TreVeyon Henderson is able to play. You can do so much with him because he has such a great skill set. He’s one of the most competitive guys they have.
  • This was not a complete game for the offense.
  • No update on Lathan Ransom yet.
  • Marvin Harrison is the best football player in the country. Targeted him 10 times, probably could have done that more. He brings it every week. The consistency is showing week in and week out. “What a catch he made down there. My goodness. Unbelievable catch.”
  • How hurt is Kyle McCord and is it leading to his mistakes? It’s bumps and bruises. He fought through what happened in the game. He’ll be fine. Those things aren’t getting in his way right now. He toughed it out and hung in there. When you have some tough plays, most people get gun shy, but he didn’t do that. He kept swinging. He also got after guys on the sideline.
  • What did you tell Kyle McCord at halftime? The first interception was a bad decision. The play was designed to go to the tight end and it should have been thrown away because the TE got caught up. The second interception, the cornerback came off of his man in cover three, which wasn’t expected.
  • Frustrated because you left points on the field? “Yeah. We’re going against great teams and Luke does a great job.” These are very good teams they’re playing. The fans were great.
  • Did you think at some point that this wasn’t your night? “No, you’re not allowed to think like that.” Guys dealt with some painful plays out there. They were fighting. They didn’t want to come out of the game.
  • The team has had a good look in their eyes at halftime every year. They play really well in the fourth quarter. Would like to see them play better in the first half. The challenges are going to keep getting bigger and bigger down the stretch.
  • He mentioned to the team this afternoon while they were watching the 12pm and 3:30pm games that you have to bring it every day. You have one bad day and your season is ruined. “Winning is just not something that we’re entitled to.” Rutgers will be a battle next week. “But the good thing is we’re getting battle tested too.”
  • How much of a security blanket is this defense for you? It makes punting a winning play at midfield. When you flip the field and pin an offense, this defense will make them pay.
  • The goal line stand at the end of the first half was excellent. They didn’t give up an inch. They played hard and rallied to the ball.

Jordan Hancock

  • On the defense confusing the quarterback: All credit to Jim Knowles. They gave the QB a lot of different looks. The defense responded well.
  • It meant everything to have Denzel Burke back. He’s an elite ball player.
  • “We have a lot of confidence in there.” The OL wasn’t going to block the DL for the whole game.
  • The goal line defense at the end of the half was a big stop. Tommy Eichenberg made a great play. They want to win the last three minutes of the half, and that’s what they did.
  • Wisconsin played more four-receiver sets, so they matched with more DBs on the field.

Marvin Harrison

  • Are you guys a second-half team? The defense kept them in the game. But the offense makes play when it matters.
  • On his toe-tap touchdown catch: They knew it was man coverage and they liked the matchup.
  • TreVeyon Henderson is the most explosive back in the country. It’s great having him back.
  • Kyle McCord is a leader of the team so they all look to him to lead, whether he’s not 100% or through tough times after bad plays. He never hangs his head.
  • When everybody is back healthy on offense: “There’s no limit.” With the defense they have, they’re a national championship team.

TreVeyon Henderson

  • He took a cheap shot at the beginning of the Notre Dame game, which is why he’s been out.
  • How frustrating is it when people don’t know what’s going on with your health? “I don’t pay attention to any of the comments.”
  • “I’m very healthy.”
  • The last touchdown run: “O-line taking care of business. Receivers, tight ends blocking on the perimeter.”
  • It took awhile to bust through but they knew one of those runs was going to pop and it finally did.

Jack Sawyer

  • That halftime goal-line stand gave them momentum. They say that if you give them an inch, they’ll defend it.
  • Was this the best game he’s played? “It’s not really about me.” The defense played well, the offense picked it up in the second half.
  • It’s time for the defensive line to start dominating and making plays within the scheme.

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