Emeka Egbuka

What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — Michigan (State) Week Edition

I know that I have talked about the wide receiver culture at Ohio State before, but I continue to see it being paid forward by the current leaders on this team. If there was a family tree of this lineage, it would go back to Evan Spencer for me.

I think people see the nine Ohio State receivers drafted in the first, second, or third rounds over the past nine years and assume that these are just talented players — which they are — but they’re also the kinds of players who want to see the receiver room at Ohio State be better than it was when they arrived.

I wonder how different things would be if Evan Spencer was never offered by Jim Tressel.

I know that this is a long way to go to get to the point I wanted to make about Emeka Egbuka, who himself was also the No. 1 receiver in a recruiting class. He obviously missed three games before returning last week, so I asked him on Wednesday how he keeps from trying to make up for lost time on the field. He told me he’s not playing for stats or accolades – he’s playing for championships, so there’s nothing to catch up on because everything is still in front of them.

I think nothing exemplifies the Ohio State receiver culture more than Emeka Egbuka’s answer to me. There are so many eyes and expectations on the receivers and Egbuka is in a contract year right now with first-round potential, but he’s not lamenting lost opportunities to make his mark. He was lamenting lost opportunities to help his team.

I wonder if Jameson Williams would be a more successful pro if he had stayed at Ohio State.

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