Sherrone Moore and Connor Stalions
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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: Was Sherrone Moore The Best Coach That Michigan Could Land?

Sherrone Moore was named Michigan head football coach on Friday, taking over for the departed Jim Harbaugh. In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the move and what Moore has facing him in Ann Arbor.

The fellas talk about whether this was the best possible move for the Wolverines or maybe the only possible move. They then discuss other former assistant coaches who are leading major programs as first-time head coaches.

The Rundown

  • Michigan football coaching changes and departures. 0:00
    • Tony and Tom discuss Sherrone Moore taking over as head coach of Michigan football.
    • Michigan football faces significant losses in coaching staff, including defensive coordinator Jesse Minter and strength coach Ben Herbert, as Sherrone Moore takes over for Jim Harbaugh.
  • Coaching staff turnover and its impact on college football teams. 3:45
    • Tom suggests losing Jesse Mentor and Ben Herbert could have a more significant impact on Michigan’s program than losing Jim Harbaugh.
    • New head coaches face challenges in hiring the right assistant coaches, as do experienced ones.
  • Sherrone Moore’s immediate impact on the Michigan Wolverines football team. 7:22
    • Tony believes this hire could limit the exodus of players from Michigan, as Moore will be able to provide stability and a clear vision for the program.
    • Tom agrees, but notes that the added chaos on the defensive side of the ball may make players more likely to leave.
    • Tom believes hiring an internal candidate for the open defensive coordinator position at Michigan can help keep the team together by providing familiarity and comfort for the players.
    • Orr also notes that while there hasn’t been a mass exodus from the program yet, there may be a feeling-out process over the next month, especially after spring ball, and the team’s hiring decisions could impact player retention.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the challenges of hiring a new head coach for Michigan, with a focus on the potential risks and uncertainties involved.
  • Sherrone Moore’s hiring as Michigan football coach amid NCAA investigation. 13:27
    • Tony expresses skepticism about Michigan’s ability to attract top coaches due to NCAA infractions and uncertainty.
    • Gerdeman believes Moore will either lead the team through the current crisis or be consumed by it, with potential consequences for his own future.
    • Tom questions whether Jim Harbaugh was aware of his assistant coaches’ potential involvement in the NCAA violations.
  • College football coach’s potential punishments for NCAA violations. 19:46
    • Tony wonders if Michigan will face larger punishments if Jim Harbaugh and Jesse Winter refuse to cooperate with the NCAA investigation.
    • Tom estimates the odds of Moore not coaching a game at Michigan next year as low (5%), but the odds of him facing substantial additional punishments as higher (50%).
  • College football head coaches and their backgrounds. 27:32
    • Tony and Tom discuss the recent hiring of head coaches in college football, with a focus on internal promotions and assistant coaches becoming head coaches.
    • Tony has Tom name the 10 head coaches in the final AP Top 25 poll who have gone from being an assistant coach to a head coach, including Ryan Day of Ohio State.
    • Tony and Tom discuss college football teams that have hired first-time head coaches, with Tom providing examples and Tony correcting him.
    • Tom mentions several teams that have hired first-time head coaches, including Utah, Oregon State, Arizona, and Oklahoma, but Gerdeman corrects him and provides additional examples.

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