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Will CJ Hicks Cut It Loose This Spring For The Buckeyes?

Spring football is less than two weeks away for Ohio State and there are plenty of questions looking for answers. One of those questions surrounds junior linebacker CJ Hicks. Can Hicks win a starting job this spring? According to OSU linebackers coach James Laurinaitis, Hicks just needs to “cut it loose and go play.”

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman preview the Ohio State linebacker and offensive line positions, discussing what Laurinaitis had to say about Hicks and other players. Will the Buckeyes have enough ‘backers for a rotation? The fellas also discuss the OSU offensive line and the likelihood of heading to the transfer portal for reinforcements.

Run Down

  • Ohio State-Northwestern game potentially being played at Wrigley Field. 0:00
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the potential move of the Ohio State-Northwestern game to Wrigley Field.
  • Parking and logistics for a football game at Wrigley Field. 1:05
    • Tony is excited about the possibility of attending a Northwestern football game at Wrigley Field.
    • Tom has been to Wrigley Field twice in the past 20 years and notes that the area around the ballpark has changed significantly, but the iconic venue still has a unique feel to it.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the logistics of attending a football game at Wrigley Field, including parking and seating arrangements.
    • Tom suggests taking the train to the game instead of driving, citing the high cost of parking near Wrigley Field.
  • Ohio State football coaching staff changes and insights from James Laurinaitis. 5:50
    • James Laurinaitis is taking ownership of his role as a full-time assistant coach, with the ability to choose who the team will recruit and play.
    • He is prepared to take on the responsibility of making decisions on the field, as seen in his detailed and thoughtful answers during the interview.
  • Ohio State football players’ positions and potential moves. 13:33
    • Tony and Tom discuss the importance of the spring game for third-year players like CJ Hicks and Gabe Powers, who are waiting for their opportunity to start.
    • The hosts highlight the potential for these players to make an impact in the 2024 season, with some potentially being draft eligible after this year.
    • Tony and Tom discuss Sonny Styles potential position change, with Tony expressing skepticism about knowing for sure by March 5th.
    • Tom believes Sonny Styles will see time at linebacker this spring, but the coaching staff’s alignment on the move is not yet clear.
  • Ohio State football’s offensive line and starting positions. 19:50
    • Tom and Tony discuss Ohio State football’s spring practice, focusing on the offensive line competition.
    • Tony mentions Josh Simmons as an all-conference caliber player and believes it would take something extraordinary for Simmons’ job to be in jeopardy.
    • Tom believes the starting right tackle is currently uncertain due to the team’s potential openness for business in the transfer portal.
    • Tom and Tony agree that if the Buckeyes can acquire the best left tackle in the portal, they should go for it, with Josh Simmons then potentially moving to right tackle.
    • Tony wonders if it’s more likely that the left tackle comes out of the portal than the right tackle, given the team’s search for a “sweet spot” between current options and potential portal acquisitions.
    • Tony highlights right guard as biggest question mark on offensive line.
  • Ohio State football’s offensive line depth chart. 31:06
    • Tom highlights the importance of the right guard position for Ohio State football, with a deeper depth chart this year compared to last.
    • Coaches express optimism about offensive line improvement, with only one open position this year compared to three last year.

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