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What Is Ohio State’s Plan For Sonny Styles?

Ohio State junior safety Sonny Styles is one of the most versatile players in college football, but versatility eventually needs to find a home. With a loaded defensive back room and a possible need for linebacker help, is it time for Styles to make the move to linebacker?

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the current plan and ongoing conversations surrounding Sonny Styles and what will ultimately factor into the decision to keep him where he is or move him to linebacker full time.

The fellas also preview the entire secondary as the Buckeyes are headed into spring. How many starting-caliber corners do the Buckeyes have? What does the depth chart at nickel look like if Sonny Styles moves to linebacker? The fellas discuss all of this and more.


  • Ohio State football’s upcoming spring practice. 0:00
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the approaching spring football season, with practice starting on March 5th.
  • Ohio State football team’s cornerbacks and safeties. 2:13
    • Tom and Tony discuss the possibility of Ohio State football spring practices being open to the media, with Orr expressing skepticism and Gerdeman suggesting it could be beneficial for the team’s success.
    • Tony Gerdeman highlights the depth of the cornerback position for Ohio State, with several talented players vying for playing time.
    • Gerdeman also compares the current safety group to those of 2016 and 1996, citing the potential of the current group to be just as good as those previous years.
  • Ohio State football team’s cornerback depth. 6:51
    • Tom highlights depth at cornerback position with several talented players, including Lorenzo Styles Jr.
    • Tom and Tony discuss potential starting lineups for Ohio State football.
    • Tony suggests Lorenzo Styles Jr. may be in a battle to be the fourth cornerback, with Calvin Simpson-Hunt and Aaron Scott also in the mix.
    • Tom believes Styles Jr. is in a unique position with the most urgency due to his later start and further along career, making him the most intriguing person to watch in the spring.
    • Tony Gerdeman is interested in seeing who will fill the nickel position behind Jordan Hancock, with possible contenders including Miles Lockhart and Lorenzo Styles, Jr.
  • Ohio State football players’ positions and confidence levels. 15:50
    • Tony and Tom discuss the uncertainty of the second player behind Jordan Hancock on the depth chart, with multiple options and confidence levels.
  • Ohio State football player Sonny Styles’ playing time. 19:08
    • Tony and Tom discuss football players’ position changes, with a focus on Cade Stover and Chip Trayanum.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the competition for the starting Will linebacker position at Ohio State, with CJ Hicks and Sonny Stiles as the top contenders.
    • Tony discusses how Jordan Hancock’s increased playing time may impact Sonny Styles’ snaps on defense.

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