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Do The Buckeyes Have The Best Defensive Line In College Football?

The Buckeyes return their top five defensive ends from last year and six of their top eight defensive tackles. This is going to be one of the most experienced groups in college football.

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman preview the Ohio State defensive line as the Buckeyes are just a week out from spring ball opening. The fellas discuss how much work JT Tuimoloau and Jack Sawyer are expecting to get this spring, which players are primed for a breakout, whether or not we’ll see the Jack, which defensive tackle needs the biggest spring, and much more.

The Rundown

  • Ohio State football’s new director of player personnel. 0:00
    • Tony and Tom reminisce about past podcast episodes and look forward to future ones.
    • New hire for Ohio State football personnel department comes from Alabama as director of player personnel.
  • College football coaching changes and transfer portal. 4:19
    • Tom explains how the role of General Manager in college football has evolved.
  • Ohio State Buckeyes’ depth at defensive line. 8:05
    • Tony highlights the depth at defensive end for Ohio State.
    • The fellas highlight the opportunity for younger players like Caden Curry, Kenyatta Jackson, and Mitchell Melton to showcase their skills and potentially earn a bigger role in the rotation this fall.
  • Ohio State football team’s pass rush and defensive line. 12:02
    • Brandon Jordan, pass rush specialist hired by Ohio State, viewed as nice addition for Larry Johnson.
    • Tom highlights the importance of improving pass rush numbers for the defense and NFL draft stock of players like JT Tuimoloau and Jack Sawyer.
  • Ohio State football’s defensive line and young players. 15:04
    • Tony: The scheme may require defensive ends to rush the passer more this year, with the potential for more aggressive play…but maybe not until the Oregon game.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the potential impact of redshirt freshman Joshua Mickens and true freshman Edrrick Houston on Ohio State’s football team this spring.
    • Both agree that Mickens and Houston have an opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially earn significant playing time, but there is no pressure on them to immediately take on a large role.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the possibility of Ohio State implementing the “jack” position in their defense this spring, with Orr expressing skepticism until he sees it in action.
    • The conversation also touches on the potential for Sonny Styles to influence the decision on whether to use the jack position.
  • Ohio State football defensive tackles and their potential for the upcoming season. 20:00
    • Tony discusses the defensive tackles on Ohio State’s roster, including Tywone Malone, Hero Kanu, and Eric Mensah.
    • Gerdeman believes Malone needs the biggest spring of any player on the team due to his senior status and potential for increased playing time.
    • Tom highlights Malone’s potential as a talented prospect with athleticism to spare, but notes that he’s yet to make a significant impact, perhaps because of his time spent as a baseball player.
    • Tony mentions that this may be Malone’s first spring practice with Ohio State due to baseball, but he’s eager to see how he’ll perform in his fourth year.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the depth of Ohio State’s defensive tackles, particularly the three players vying for the fourth starting position: Malone, Kanu, and Kayden McDonald.

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