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Chip Kelly Makes His Ohio State Debut A Good One

Spring practice got underway for the Ohio State Buckeyes on Tuesday. Following practice, new OSU offensive coordinator Chip Kelly spoke with reporters for the first time as a Buckeye.

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss everything Chip Kelly had to say, including why Kelly decided to leave UCLA, what he thinks of the opportunity at Ohio State, calling plays, where he’ll be situated on game days, the energy that he is bringing to the program, and much more.


Ohio State football practice and coach Chip Kelly’s first impressions.
  • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discussed their impressions of new Ohio State assistant coach Chip Kelly, including his interactions with players and coaches on the field and in press conferences.
  • Kelly’s demeanor and energy were seen as positive for the offense, with instances of joking and smacking players on the helmet.
Football coach’s personality and motivations.
  • Tom Orr: “He was very entertaining on the field and joking around with people. He even referenced John Lennon and a Greek philosopher at one point.”
  • Tony Gerdeman: “He talked about the annexation of Puerto Rico and how he decided to leave coaching, with his quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator leaving between the regular season and bowl game.”
Chip Kelly’s move from UCLA to Ohio State as offensive coordinator.
  • Former head coaches admire Chip Kelly’s ability to walk away from coaching, but it’s easier for him due to his financial security.
  • Tom Orr: Coaches want to work with players, not do administrative tasks.
  • Tony Gerdeman discusses Chip Kelly’s decision to leave UCLA and become the offensive coordinator at Ohio State, highlighting Kelly’s unconventional approach to coaching and his desire to get back to coaching positions rather than pursuing a head coaching job.
  • Gerdeman suggests that Kelly’s honesty with his players about his reasons for leaving UCLA may make it easier for them to accept his departure, as he seems to be in a good place personally and professionally.
Coaching and player motivation at Ohio State.
  • Tom Orr discusses the importance of enjoying one’s work and how it can lead to better performance and success.
  • Orr highlights the positive impact of working with talented players who are self-motivated and put in extra effort.
  • Tony Gerdeman highlights Chip Kelly’s enthusiasm for working with Ohio State’s coaching staff and players, citing their professionalism and potential for innovation.
  • Tom Orr agrees, noting that Chip Kelly’s approach is different from Bill O’Brien’s, and they may have gotten a different response from him.
Ohio State football coaching and play calling.
  • Tom Orr jokes about Chip Kelly’s coaching experience, mentioning the America’s Cup and yacht captain.
  • Tony Gerdeman asks about Chip Kelly’s play calling role, with which Kelly is noncommittal.
Chip Kelly’s offensive style and relationship with Ryan Day.
  • Tony Gerdeman: Chip Kelly and Ryan Day have a long-standing relationship, with Kelly serving as Day’s offensive coordinator in college and mentoring him in the NFL.
  • Tom Orr: Chip Kelly and Ryan Day have been talking about football for years, with Kelly sharing stories about their shared hometown and school days.
  • Chip Kelly discusses implementing running game strategies at Ohio State, with tempo as a potential aspect of his offense.
Ohio State football’s offensive strategy and coaching dynamics.
  • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the potential impact of helmet radios on tempo and play calling in football, with a focus on Ohio State’s use of the technology.
  • The speakers speculate on how the team will handle the new technology, including the possibility of fewer plays per game and a slower tempo, and wonder if it will be implemented in spring or fall camp.
  • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss Chip Kelly’s potential role on the Ohio State coaching staff, with Kelly and Ryan Day still deciding between calling plays from the press box or the sideline.
  • Kelly sees advantages and disadvantages to both locations, and the team may experiment with different workflows during scrimmages.

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