Big Me Kickoff

This Is The Way… Super Conferences Are The Future

We have seen a lot in the way of conference movement over the past couple of seasons and 2024 will see both the Big Ten and SEC bring on new members for competition with schools like USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Oklahoma all making moves.

But is this just the appetizer for the main course of taking the Power Five down to just a Power Two (granted, we are already at a Power Four with the demise of the Pac-12)?

Andy Staples of posted what his idea of a Super Conference (well, two leagues, 48 teams) might look like and it got us thinking here.

We don’t disagree that this is the way, where we are heading, but is this the right move and what may be the biggest challenge. A hint… we don’t agree whatsoever with where Ohio State is placed in terms of a division.

Join us and find out more in this edition of the Big Me Kickoff.

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