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Breaking Down The Buckeyes Two-Deep On Offense So Far This Spring

The Buckeyes have made it through one week of spring practice. What is the depth chart looking like so far? In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman discuss what they have seen from the two-deep on offense.

Is anybody stepping forward at quarterback? Is there a pecking order at receiver? What is the situation at tight end? How deep is the offensive line? The fellas discuss all of these topics and more.


  • A controversial headline and personal attacks. 0:00
    • Tony Gerdeman defends headline pun in podcast conversation with Tom Orr.
  • Ohio State football depth chart. 1:37
    • Tom Orr clarifies that the first few practices are not a definitive indicator of the depth chart, as the depth chart evolves over time.
    • Tony Gerdeman mentions that the show will continue with a two-deep on offense, and defense for the next show, providing an update on the team’s progress.
    • Tom and Tony discuss quarterbacks Devin Brown and Will Howard, with no clear front-runner in sight.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the depth chart at quarterback, with Tom naming Lincoln Kienholz as contender, but agreeing that the top two players are Howard and Devin Brown, with the other two freshmen sometimes getting skipped.
  • Ohio State football running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. 8:27
    • Tom and Tony agree that the top five running backs are similar to the quarterbacks, with two clear leaders and three others competing for the remaining spots.
    • Jeremiah Smith’s versatility and ability to play multiple positions could lead to him playing either X or Z receiver, with Brandon Inniss available inside to fill a spot.
    • Tony and Orr discuss the top 4-5 wide receivers for Ohio State.
    • Tom agrees with Tony on the top group but suggests that Jayden Ballard could be part of the top four but Brandon Inniss is close.
    • Tony highlights Brandon Inniss’ maturity and competitiveness, praising his quick learning of the offense and big-play ability.
    • Tony Gerdeman believes Gee Scott or Will Kacmarek will be the starting tight end on day one, based on the team’s offensive scheme and the players’ physicality.
    • Tom agrees that both tight ends will have a role in the offense, and notes that Jelani Thurman has a ways to go in terms of developing his skills.
  • Ohio State football team’s offensive line depth chart. 19:19
    • Tony and Tom discuss the depth chart for the Ohio State Buckeyes’ offensive line, with Donovan Jackson and Josh Simmons as the starters at left guard and left tackle, respectively.
    • Austin Siereveld, a redshirt freshman, is mentioned as a potential backup at left guard.
    • Tony mentions Carson Hinzman and Seth McLaughlin as potential starters for the Buckeyes, with Hinzman having a strong offseason.
    • Tom agrees that McLaughlin is a front-runner for the starting center position, but notes that it’s too early to make any judgments and that Howard’s reps with McLaughlin could may indicate something.
    • Luke Montgomery reps first at right guard, indicating a serious look for the position.
    • Tony notes that Montgomery has seen time at tackle and guard, giving the coaching staff confidence in his mobility and versatility.
    • Tony believes the offensive line will be better than last year due to the competition among young players.
    • The duo encourages viewers to use the information provided in the video for their own purposes, such as making informed decisions or placing bets.

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