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Breaking Down The Ohio State Two-Deep On Defense So Far This Spring

The Buckeyes are replacing just three starters on defense this season, and they may be filling each of those three spots with veterans who have double-digit starts in their respective careers.

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr break down the two-deep on the Ohio State defense from what they’ve seen from the Buckeyes at spring practice so far. The starters are mostly known, but depth is a must. The fellas discuss the various things they’ve seen and what everyone may see this season from what could be one of the most versatile defenses in the nation.

The Rundown

  • Ohio State football defense and potential players. 0:01
    • Tom Orr reveals he’s leaving the Buckeye Weekly Podcast to join a Michigan podcast.
  • Ohio State football defensive line depth and potential snaps distribution. 3:39
    • Tom believes Mitchell Melton is the next defensive end to play after the top four, due to his experience and seniority.
    • Orr expects Eddrick Houston, the five-star true freshman, to get snaps but may not be ready yet.
    • Tom expresses skepticism about the Jack position, citing past failed attempts and lack of on-field contribution.
    • Tony mentions Jim Knowles’ desire to implement the Jack position in spring practices, but Tom remains unconvinced.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the depth chart for defensive tackles at Ohio State, with Tyleik Williams as the likely starter and Tywone Malone and other younger players competing for snaps.
    • Tom highlights the potential of Malone, a fourth-year defensive tackle with untapped ceiling.
    • Tony adds that Ty Hamilton, a starting nose tackle with better stats than Mike Hall, can also play multiple positions and has cross-training potential.
    • Tom highlights Ty Hamilton as an underrated player on the Ohio State football team.
  • Ohio State football recruiting and linebacker competition. 19:00
    • Tony and Tom discuss the 2015 recruiting class for Ohio high school football players, with Tony highlighting the ranking of DaVon Hamilton as the number 46 player in the state.
    • Tom questions the accuracy of the ranking list, suggesting that there may be higher-ranked players who went to lesser-known colleges.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the Ohio State football team’s linebacker position, where Sonny Styles has settled in to compete with CJ Hicks.
    • The competition between Styles and Hicks will be fascinating to watch, with both players having versatility that allows for different playing time scenarios.
  • Ohio State football player Gabe Powers’ potential role in 2023 season. 28:04
    • Tom and Tony discuss Gabe Powers’ potential as a linebacker for Ohio State, with Powers’ background as the son of a coach and his physical development over three years at the university suggesting he could be a valuable asset in the defense.
    • Powers’ name is brought up frequently by multiple people, indicating a growing consensus among coaches and analysts that he could be a key player in the team’s success this season.
  • Secondary depth chart and player analysis. 33:35
    • Tony and Tom discuss the depth chart for the Ohio State secondary, specifically the cornerback position, and how Calvin Simpson-Hunt will attempt to close in on Jermaine Matthews.
  • Ohio State University football team’s safety position. 37:13
    • Jaylen McClain, a true freshman, is showing promise at free safety. He has an opportunity to take on more responsibility and get more reps this spring due to Malik Hartford’s injury.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the strong safety position, mentioning Ja’had Carter and Latham Ransom as veteran players who don’t need a lot of reps this spring.
  • Ohio State football special teams performance and potential returners. 43:06
    • Tony and Tom discuss special teams players, including Jayden Ballard and Brandon Inniss, who could be the punt returner and kick returner for Ohio State.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the Ohio State football team’s lack of success in returning kicks and punts, with Orr suggesting that the team may use a younger player with more potential for big plays.
    • Orr mentions several potential candidates, including Ballard, Inniss, James Peoples, while Gerdeman suggests Jeremiah Smith as a promising young player who could potentially have a big impact on the team’s return game.

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