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Ryan Day Discusses Tony Alford’s Move To Michigan, Ohio State Spring Practice Resuming

For the first time since Tony Alford’s shocking jump from the Ohio State football coaching staff to Michigan, OSU head coach Ryan Day met with the media. Tuesday morning in Columbus, Day shared his thoughts on Alford’s move to Sherrone Moore’s staff, the Buckeyes’ return to the practice field, and much more.

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekliy Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss Day’s thoughts on Alford’s departure, the plan moving forward in finding a new coach, and Day’s role as a substitute teacher with the running backs. Day also discussed areas and players that need to step up, which the fellas discuss as well. All of this and much more.


  • Ohio State football with Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr. 0:20
    • Tony Alford’s departure from Ohio State is discussed.
    • James Peoples and other younger players may be more affected by Alford’s departure, as they are still learning the nature of the business and may take it personally.
    • Tom and Tony discuss Ryan Day’s new role as running backs coach at Ohio State, with Day taking over the position since Tony Alford’s departure and spending time with the players.
    • The players will have a say in the decision-making process for the running backs coach.
    • The coaches are using new helmet headsets during practice, with limited availability for quarterbacks and middle linebackers.
    • Tom discusses the challenges of having multiple quarterbacks with green dot communication systems, suggesting it may be a “classic NCAA solution in search of a problem.”
    • Tony adds that the team needs to figure out how to coordinate signals for multiple quarterbacks on the same field, likening it to radio controlled cars with different frequencies.
  • Ohio State football offensive line depth chart. 11:46
    • Tom highlights Josh Fryar’s strong offseason, along with the potential for the offensive line to improve with Tiger Chabrol at right tackle.
  • Ohio State football team’s tight ends and running backs. 14:29
    • Tony and Tom discuss the Ohio State football team’s tight end position, with Gee Scott being highlighted as a positive development.
    • The team’s lack of experience at the position, particularly Jelani Thurman and Bennett Christian, is mentioned as a potential concern.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the potential loss of running backs due to the coaching change at Ohio State, with Tom expressing a lack of concern.
    • The hosts discuss the challenges of implementing new offensive schemes and technologies in football, particularly in the early stages of spring practice.
  • Ohio State football’s transfer portal strategy and player updates. 22:06
    • Tony and Tom discuss Ohio State’s need for depth in various positions, particularly offensive tackle and defensive tackle, and how the team may approach the transfer portal to address these needs.
    • The hosts mention that while there may not be an obvious solution in the portal right now, Ohio State is likely monitoring the situation and could bring in a transfer player if someone stands out during the spring.
    • Tony Gerdeman mentions that CJ Hicks is currently the number one will linebacker for Ohio State.
  • Ohio State depth. 26:21
    • Tony and Tom discuss the depth of the Ohio State football team, particularly at the linebacker position, and how Cody Simon’s experience will help this defense.
    • The hosts mention the need for more depth this season due to the potential for more games.
    • Ryan Day highlights Brandon Inniss’ potential as a dynamic slot receiver.

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