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Ohio State Football Insider: Expectations For Freshman Receiver Jeremiah Smith Are On The Rise

Ohio State freshman wide receiver Jeremiah Smith was expected to impress eventually, but he has wasted no time in setting off all kinds of alarm bells based on his play this spring for the Buckeyes.

True freshman receivers at Ohio State rarely work themselves into the regular rotation. Fewer still break into the starting lineup. Based on early reports from those who have seen him this spring, Jeremiah Smith is ready to make an impact immediately.

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss what they have been told about Smith’s performance in Saturday’s Buckeye football practice and reassess their previous expectations for the 5-star freshman. The fellas take a new look at what they think Jeremiah Smith will do this year.

Tom and Tony also discuss other pieces of intel from the weekend, including the impressive performance of freshman quarterback Julian Sayin. There are a number of other topics discussed as well, including the news that FOX will be broadcasting Ohio State’s spring game. Could this make the spring game even more interesting?

The Rundown

  • Ohio State sports, including NIT and spring game. 0:01
    • Tony and Tom discuss the upcoming NIT game against Georgia at Ohio State’s Schottenstein Center.
    • Ohio State spring game to be televised on Fox for the first time, with commentary on the game’s evolution over the past 20 years.
  • College football, spring games, and broadcasting. 3:50
    • Fox Sports is investing heavily in college football, with a focus on Ohio State and Michigan games.
    • Tony expresses skepticism about Ohio State’s approach to the spring game, expecting little change despite national broadcast.
    • Tom shares a personal anecdote about a TV station’s response to a tornado warning during a live broadcast, highlighting the importance of prioritizing safety over viewer preferences.
    • Tom predicts more commercials.
  • A standout freshman WR’s potential impact on the team. 9:54
    • Tony expresses surprise at Jeremiah Smith’s performance, considering he’s a freshman and history suggests true freshmen wide receivers don’t excel immediately.
    • Tom takes a more measured approach, acknowledging the challenges of being an 18-year-old student-athlete and the adjustment period that comes with it.
    • The discuss some of the unique descriptors being used by people who have seen Jeremiah Smith this spring, such as “unbelievable” and “breathtaking.”
    • Tom expresses increasing expectations for freshman wide receiver, now expecting them to start by middle of season.
    • Orr cites examples of successful freshman wide receivers in in OSU’s past, including David Boston, and notes that the conversation around the player has shifted from “hype” to “belief.”
  • Jeremiah Smith’s potential impact. 16:28
    • Tony and Tom discuss the potential breakout of Jeremiah Smith, with Smith being compared to David Boston due to his size and skillset.
    • Tom predicts that Smith will break into the starting lineup before the season is over, with the over/under set at 5.5 games.
    • Do the fellas expect freshman Smith to break records set by Cris Carter’s 41 catches and 648 yards and 8 touchdowns as a true freshman?
  • Jeremiah Smith’s receiving yards potential. 20:50
    • Tom expresses caution about Ohio State’s receiving yards.
    • Tony highlights the potential for fewer possessions and a less prolific passing game for Ohio State.
    • Tony suggests Smith might be in line for a 1,000-yard season.
    • Tom agrees that 1,000 yards is a lofty goal, highlighting the freshman wall and the limited snaps available in blowout games as additional factors working against Smith’s chances.
  • Ohio State freshman quarterback Julian Sayin is impressing as well. 26:19
    • Tom and Tony discuss the potential for a true freshman quarterback to start for Ohio State this season, with Orr expressing skepticism about their readiness due to the team’s roster and expectations.
    • Tom believes Ohio State needs a steady veteran quarterback, not a Caleb Williams or Jayden Daniels-like player who makes incredible plays.
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the upcoming Student Appreciation Day practice on Saturday, focusing on the linebackers and their performance.
    • Tom expresses interest in seeing how the linebackers have improved since the spring and who will be repping number one at each position.

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