Transfers Will Howard, Seth McLaughlin Lose Black Stripes

COLUMBUS — It was Student Appreciation Day at Saturday’s Ohio State football practice, but it could have also been Transfer Appreciation Day as transfer quarterback Will Howard and transfer center Seth McLaughlin each had their black stripes removed.

Every newcomer to Ohio State has a black stripe placed down the middle of their helmets, and when they’ve done enough in practice to show they belong, the stripe is removed and they become full-fledged members of the football team.

What went into having the stripes removed?

“It’s kind of a build up,” head coach Ryan Day said. “You watch them and watch them practice and see the progress being made. Then you start to get into the heart of spring practice and they’re earning their stripes. That’s why we do it that way. And both of those guys deserved to get their black stripes taken off today.”

Saturday was the Buckeyes’ eighth of spring camp.

Howard has been rotating at quarterback with Devin Brown and Lincoln Kienholz while the Buckeyes look for an eventual starter to emerge. McLaughlin, meanwhile, has been doing the same thing at center with returning starter Carson Hinzman.

With Howard and McLaughlin having lost their stripes, the lone transfer still holding on to his is Ohio tight end Will Kacmarek.

Freshman wide receiver Jeremiah “JJ” Smith — who had another outstanding day on Saturday — is the lone true freshman to have lost his black stripe so far.

Black Stripe Tracker

WR Jeremiah Smith โ€“ย March 21
WR Brennen Schramm (rFr walk-on) โ€“ย March 21
SAF Caleb Downs โ€“ย March 26
RB Quinshon Judkins โ€“ย March 26
QB Will Howard – March 30
OL Seth McLaughlin – March 30

Freshmen Still Waiting

QB Air Noland | QB Julian Sayin | RB James Peoples | RB Sam Williams-Dixon | WR Mylan Graham* | TE Max LeBlanc* | TE Damarion Witten* | OL Ian Moore | OL Deonte Armstrong | OL Devontae Armstrong | OL Gabe VanSickel* | DE Eddrick Houston | DL Dominic Kirks* | DT Eric Mensah | LB Payton Pierce | LB Garrett Stover | CB Aaron Scott | CB Bryce West | CB Miles Lockhart | SAF Jaylen McClain | SAF Leroy Roker*

* Not yet enrolled.

Transfers Still Waiting

TE Will Kacmarek

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