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Practice Photo Gallery (Artificially): Buckeyes Shining In The Rain On Friday

The Ohio State football team was on the field Friday morning for the 14th practice of spring camp.

The Buckeyes practiced at Ohio Stadium, which is what they will also do on Saturday for the annual Spring Game.

Accredited media was invited to attend the entire practice, but no photography or video was allowed. In lieu of actual photos and videos, we have decided to do what every other company on the planet is doing — ask Artificial Intelligence to do it for us!

So with that in mind, I have asked AI to generate some photos of some of the plays that we saw in The Shoe on Friday.

These are not actual photos, but it is almost impossible to tell.

If you would also like to read a practice report that was done via Natural Intelligence (mine), you can find my emptied notebook right here.

As an aside, yes, JJ Smith did get both feet down on the catch in the header photo above.

Anyway, on to the artificially intelligent show.

The rain stayed away for most of Friday’s practice, but it did start drizzling for about the last 45 minutes or so. It was also a bit breezy. Quarterback Devin Brown was still able to make some nice throws.

One of those throws from Devin Brown went to freshman wide receiver Jeremiah “JJ” Smith who went up with one hand and snagged a touchdown catch in the end zone with cornerback Denzel Burke in coverage.

Emeka Egbuka caught a short touchdown pass on a lateral route against safety Caleb Downs. There was some dispute about whether or not Egbuka scored, so Downs and some teammates asked a referee for clarification. The ref again signaled touchdown. In this image, Egbuka has cut out the middle man by spiking the football in Downs’ immediate vicinity in order to eliminate any question.

Freshman quarterback Julian Sayin threw several nice passes on the day. He was able to drop the ball into coverages where only the receiver could get the ball. He threw a couple of touchdown passes in red-zone drills. One went to receiver Carnell Tate and another to tight end Gee Scott.

Jeremiah Smith nearly scored the longest touchdown of the day on a deep throw down the sideline from Will Howard. Smith went up and over redshirt freshman cornerback Calvin Simpson-Hunt for the catch. He stepped out at the 2-yard line for a 34-yard gain.

This image is a little easier to spot as Artificial Intelligence because defensive ends Jack Sawyer and JT Tuimoloau didn’t do much practicing during the 11-on-11 sessions. Plus, helmets are not optional.

One of the catches of the day was again claimed by redshirt freshman receiver Bryson Rodgers. Will Howard floated a pass on what looked like a corner route of some kind. Rodgers had to switch shoulders and make the catch. Fellow No. 13 freshman cornerback Miles Lockhart was in coverage.

Not all artificial intelligence is entirely artificial.

With no tackling allowed, it was not easy for running backs to get too far past the line of scrimmage without the whistle blowing. Still, freshman running back James Peoples looked good once again in traffic with his quickness and vision.

The quarterbacks were all used in the running game today, including Will Howard and his nearly 1,000 career rushing yards. Of course, the whistles blew quickly.

Those quick whistles weren’t quick enough for freshman quarterback Air Noland to score on a keeper from seven yards out, however.

Air Noland did throw the lone interception on the day. Nickel back Jordan Hancock stepped in front of a short pass and took off towards the end zone before the quick whistles came a’chirpin.

While I wanted it to be completely clear throughout this entire photo gallery that each of these images was generated via AI through written prompts, I also think it is even more important to let you know that I totally painted this one myself with water colors on canvas this afternoon. I would have liked to have spent more time on it to get all of the window panes in Ohio Stadium just right, but I did my best. It was also not easy to turn such a large painting into a digital file. As you can imagine, my scanner is now a mess.

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