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Eight Buckeyes On Offense Whose Stock Is Up The Most Following Spring Ball

Spring practice is now over the Ohio State, so there are plenty of happenings to look back on. In today’s episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman discuss the eight Buckeyes on offense whose stock rose more than anybody else’s from January to April.

The fellas mention names from every position on the field — like quarterback Julian Sayin, running back James Peoples, and wide receiver Jeremiah Smith. The names range from first-year players to fifth-year players, which should tell you just how deep the Buckeyes are this season.


  • Ohio State football players’ stock rising during spring practice. 0:01
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss stock risers from Ohio State’s spring practice, with Jeremiah Smith being a standout.
    • Tom Orr highlights Smith’s impressive performance, with his stock potentially ready to split.
    • Tom Orr: Jeremiah Smith’s stock rising, could be leading receiver.
    • Tony Gerdeman: Freshman quarterback Julian Sayin has high ceiling, potential to play significant role this year.
    • Tom Orr: Julian Sayin’s growth and potential for significant playing time make him a valuable number two player on the list.
  • Ohio State football players’ performances during spring practice. 7:51
    • Tom Orr predicts Seth McLaughlin will win the center job based on his spring performance and reps with the ones.
    • Tony Gerdeman highlights Carson Hinzman’s resilience after last season’s finish.
  • Ohio State football offensive line depth chart. 11:41
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr agree that Carson Hinzman is a viable option at starting right guard due to his offseason growth and experience.
    • Tom Orr analyzes offensive line depth chart, identifying open positions and potential starters.
    • Josh Fryer solidifies right tackle spot, with coaches focusing on right guard battle.
  • Ohio State football’s running back depth, with a focus on James Peoples. 16:10
    • James Peoples shows promise with quickness, balance, running hard, impressing Tony Gerdeman.
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the potential for third running backs to get more carries in Ohio State’s offense this season.
    • James Peoples is another player whose expectations have increased due to the depth at running back, with the possibility of more carries and a potentially big year ahead.
  • Ohio State football players, including tight end Gee Scott. 20:54
    • Tom Orr highlights walk-on receiver David Adolph as a surprise standout in spring practice.
    • Tony Gerdeman highlights Gee Scott, Jr. as a potential breakout player due to his leadership and playmaking potential.
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr agree that Gee Scott has improved as a tight end this spring, with Scott leaving spring as the top tight end candidate.
    • The rest of the tight end room still has work to do, with Patrick Gurd as the potential number two guy in a Mitch Rossi role, and Jelani Thurman showing progress.
  • Ohio State football players’ development and potential impact on the team. 27:02
    • Tony Gerdeman notes that Jelani Thurman has been on campus for 15 months and still has time to grow before the start of the season.
    • Tom Orr advises against jumping to conclusions on players’ developmental positions.

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