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Eight Buckeyes On Defense Whose Stock Has Risen The Most Through Spring Ball

A number of Buckeyes on the defensive side of the ball had fantastic camps this spring. In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss eight of those players and how their stock has risen over the last six weeks or so.

There are conversations about sophomore cornerback Jermaine Mathews, Jr., junior linebacker CJ Hicks, junior defensive end Caden Curry, some talented freshmen, and more.


  • Ohio State football’s cornerback depth, including Jermaine Matthews and Calvin Simpson-Hunt. 0:00
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss players who have seen their stock rise through the winter and spring.
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the depth of the Ohio State football team’s cornerback room, particularly the potential of Jermaine Matthews and Lorenzo Styles Jr. as backup options.
    • The coaches and players emphasize the need for more depth in the secondary, with Kerry Coombs previously using a three-corner rotation and now looking for more comparable players to fill in as needed.
    • Matthews and Calvin Simpson-Hunt are seen as potential NFL draft picks, with Matthews being compared to Jeff Okudah’s career path.
    • Both players have shown improvement this spring, with Simpson-Hunt being praised for his speed and technique.
  • Ohio State football team’s depth and playing time for non-conference games. 8:24
    • Tony Gerdeman highlights Calvin Simpson-Hunt’s potential as a starting CB next year.
    • Assistant coaches emphasize playing depth in non-conference games.
  • Ohio State football players Jayden Bonsu and Jaylen McClain are discussed, with a focus on their potential for playing time and development. 11:31
    • Tom Orr: Jayden Bonsu made the most of limited opportunities in the secondary, potentially becoming a rotational player.
    • Tony Gerdeman: Ja’Had Carter’s absence and injuries to others created opportunities for Bonsu to impress, now in consideration for a role.
    • Tony Gerdeman highlights Jaylen McClain as a stock riser due to his ability to find and tackle the football.
  • Ohio State football players, including Jaylen McClain, Eddrick Houston, and Caleb Downs. 17:31
    • Tony Gerdeman expresses uncertainty about redshirting for football players with the longer schedule and transfer portal.
    • Tom Orr believes Ohio State may not redshirt quarterbacks or safeties in the future due to the combination of factors.
    • Eddrick Houston was impressive in spring game, disruptive despite low sack count.
    • Houston has big frame (270 lbs) and ran with third-team offensive line, showing college readiness.
    • Tony Gerdeman highlights Eddrick Houston as a potential breakout player for Ohio State, citing his on-field performance and offseason growth.
    • Jason Moore is mentioned as a key defensive tackle who can spell Tyleik Williams after a strong offseason and impressive spring game performance.
    • Caden Curry has been impressive in his development and could be ready to take on a much larger role this fall.
    • Both analysts agree that CJ Hicks and Sonny Styles have shown promise, with Jim Knowles able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Tom Orr highlights CJ Hicks’ potential as a disruptive force on defense, despite limited playing time.
    • Aaron Scott impresses with spring game performance, could be a future contributor.

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