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Should Michigan Make An Offer To Arch Manning?

Michigan held its spring game this past Saturday. How did the Wolverines look? In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss what they saw from Michigan.

They spend plenty of time talking about the Wolverines’ quarterback situation, eventually discussing the possibility of Michigan trying to lure a quarterback like Texas’ Arch Manning into the transfer portal.

The Rundown

  • Michigan QB Alex Orji’s performance in spring game, with mixed opinions on his accuracy and potential to win championships. 0:01
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discussed Michigan’s spring game, including their tackling strategy and Ohio State’s lack thereof.
    • Tom questioned the value of tackling during spring games, suggesting it may not provide much practical value.
    • Tom mentions the Mike Tomczak story as a cautionary tale.
    • Tony notes Alex Orji’s fastballs and compares him to Jalen Milroe, but also mentions sacks and lack of long completions.
    • Tony and Tom express doubts about Alex Orji’s ability to lead Michigan to a championship due to limited passing attempts.
    • Coaches’ lack of confidence in Orji is evident in their playcalling and past treatment of him, which suggests they don’t believe he’s a reliable passer.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ quarterback situation with four players vying for the spot. 7:34
    • Tony and Tom discuss quarterbacks for Michigan’s football team, with Gerdeman highlighting Jack Tuttle’s injury and Orr expressing concern about the team’s quarterback battle.
    • Orr questions why Jack Tuttle, who has played sparingly in his college career, is being considered for a starting role, citing his lack of consistent playing time and poor completion percentage.
    • Both analysts express doubts about the team’s ability to win the Big Ten championship without a standout quarterback, citing the addition of Oregon to the league and the lack of a 35-point-per-game quarterback on the roster.
    • Orr questions the offensive line’s ability to protect the quarterback and open holes for the running back.
  • Michigan football team’s defense and offense, concerns about replacing key players. 14:04
    • Tony and Tom discuss Michigan Wolverines’ chances for another national championship, focusing on the defense.
    • Tony highlights concerns about the secondary, while Tom Orr questions where the team will find new players through the portal.
  • College football teams’ use of the transfer portal and Michigan’s need for a quarterback. 17:04
    • Tom notes a slower-than-expected influx of players in the transfer portal for Michigan football.
    • Orr highlights the absence of high-profile players and offensive linemen in the portal, which could limit Michigan’s roster depth.
    • Tony Gerdeman expresses concern regarding Michigan’s lack of a starting quarterback, suggesting they should pursue Arch Manning from Texas as the missing piece.
    • Tom raises doubts about Arch Manning’s willingness to play in a offense that may involve more running and hitting.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ chances with current quarterback lineup and schedule. 23:05
    • Tom suggests that adding Arch Manning to Michigan’s roster could make them a playoff team (10-2 or 9-3).
    • Tony agrees that a significant upgrade at quarterback could be the difference between 8-4 and 9-3 for Michigan (and potentially make the playoffs).
    • Tony and Tom discuss the Wolverines’ upcoming games, including a challenging stretch of games against Texas, USC, and Oregon.
    • They speculate that Michigan’s chances of winning these games may be improved with an upgraded quarterback, but it’s still a tough task.
    • Orr suggests that USC might be experiencing difficulties under coach Lincoln Riley, with concerns about recruiting and on-field performance.
  • Michigan football’s upcoming season, including game predictions. 29:55
    • Tom Orr agrees that Michigan’s first six games are a good ticket, with Texas and USC being particularly notable opponents.
    • Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman discuss college football predictions, focusing on Michigan vs. Texas game.
    • They agree that Texas game is most likely to have an impact on their records, with potential for big overreaction if Michigan beats Texas.

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